Organisations across the world are facing an era of unprecedented change. Standing still is not an option and the most able and agile leaders are always looking to embrace outside talent and expertise, to stay ahead of the game. At Riva we work with a range of leaders and experts working as consultants, coaches and speakers, able to share their expertise in organisational change, technological advances and consumer trends. Below are just some of the consultants, coaches and speakers we work with. Take a look and get in touch to find out more:


Kitty Horlick

Trailblazing Rarilabs Director and founder of Blackwood, Consultant and Keynote Speaker on Artificial Intelligence and web3-associated technologies such as blockchain, NFTs, the metaverse and cryptocurrencies.


Pia Heidenmark Cook

Senior advisor to Ingka Group/IKEA, where she held the position as Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) between 2017-2021. Pia is currently a non-executive director in NGO and company boards across various business sectors, including retail, hospitality, food and materials innovation.


Sonya Barlow

BBC Presenter, LMF Network CEO, Author, Keynote Speaker, Moderator, Event MC, specialising in entrepreneurship, technology, gender equality, inclusion, future of work, diversity and neurodiversity


Priya Lakhani

An AI visionary, revolutionized global education with her award-winning system, Century, improving learning outcomes and teacher efficiency, while also shaping government policy and making a social impact in impoverished nations


Claudia Olsson

Leading expert, advises businesses on navigating the evolving digital landscape and future-proofing the workforce through her acclaimed insights on technology, leadership, and digital upskilling


Ian Tonge

Top consultant renowned for digital strategy. With BBC journalism roots, Ian brings storytelling expertise to bespoke solutions. Specialising in video, PPC, and social media, he has driven results for global clients including Airbus and Intel.

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