Finance Speakers

These are unprecedented times in the global financial world with stock market volatility, cryptocurrencies, ESG and companies valued on future potential rather than past performance.

From corporate bosses to expert commentators and analysts, Riva Media offers a range of top Finance speakers able to offer insight and perspective, delivered in a charismatic and engaging style, whatever your audience.


Dominic O’Connell

Leading UK Business and Economics Broadcaster and Commentator, Times Radio Business Presenter, Times Columnist, former BBC Radio 4 Today Programme Business Presenter, former Sunday Times Business Editor, top Moderator and Event MC


Andy Verity

BBC Economics Correspondent, Financial Presenter and Broadcaster, Moderator, Business and Financial Keynote Speaker, Event Host, Personal Finance Expert


Lord Vaisey

Ed Vaizey is a former UK Government Culture and Digital Minister. He is now a presenter, writer, and adviser to several companies and organisations

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