Innovation and Trends Speakers

In a fast-changing world, propelled by unprecedented technological advances, all organisations know they have to embrace the opportunities and combat the challenges presented by AI, new working patterns and consumer behaviour. At Riva we specialise in delivering Speakers and Moderators who are plugged in to the latest innovations and trends. The speakers below offer a wealth of experience and expertise working at the highest level in major organisations and are immersed in the cutting edge developments and changes affecting businesses, public sector bodies and consumers. Take a look and get in touch to find out more:


Ed Newton-Rex

Former VP of Audio, Stability AI; former Product Director for TikTok in Europe, and former Product Director at Snapchat; founded and sold a Generative AI company. Speaker on Artificial Intelligence & Generative AI


Amy Lewin

Editor of Financial Times-backed Sifted with expertise in startups, technology, digital disruption, sustainability and artificial intelligence


Kitty Horlick

Trailblazing Rarilabs Director and founder of Blackwood, Consultant and Keynote Speaker on Artificial Intelligence and web3-associated technologies such as blockchain, NFTs, the metaverse and cryptocurrencies.


Tanya Popeau

Globally recognised director specialising in innovation and sustainability, with a distinguished career spanning international consultancy, United Nations advisory roles, and acclaimed projects addressing diverse global challenges.


Dino Sofos

Podcast Pioneer, CEO at Persephonica, Producer of The News Agents, pioneered Brexitcast podcast, Keynote Speaker on Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Joe Tidy

BBC Cyber Correspondent - Keynote Speaker on cyber security, online safety, Artificial Intelligence, and crypto, BBC Radio Presenter, Moderator, Event MC Gaming expert


LJ Rich

AI Musician, BBC Broadcaster, Thought Leader on AI and machine learning, Technology and Trends Keynote Speaker, Event MC, Moderator


Priya Lakhani

An AI visionary, revolutionized global education with her award-winning system, Century, improving learning outcomes and teacher efficiency, while also shaping government policy and making a social impact in impoverished nations


Claudia Olsson

Leading expert, advises businesses on navigating the evolving digital landscape and future-proofing the workforce through her acclaimed insights on technology, leadership, and digital upskilling

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