Politics Keynote Speakers

Away from the day-to-day cut-and-thrust of politics, politicians are fascinating people, with a fund of stories and insights that enlighten and entertain audiences, whatever their political stance.

For this reason we find Politics Speakers and Commentators are among our most popular keynote speakers, especially when they’re lifting the lid on the personalities and decision-making at the heart of government. From Geopolitics to Leadership, After Dinner to Business, our selection of Political Speakers cover a range of themes and topics, which will attract and engage the audience for your event.


Carl Bildt

Former Swedish Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, a charismatic speaker, influential co-chair of the European Council on Foreign Relations, and a mediator in global conflicts.


Lord Vaisey

Ed Vaizey is a former UK Government Culture and Digital Minister. He is now a presenter, writer, and adviser to several companies and organisations


Ali Aslan

Internationally Renowned TV Presenter, CNN, ABC News, Deutsche Welle, Master of Ceremonies for G20, the EU, the World Bank, IMF, NATO

Motivational political speakers

Riva Media stands as a distinguished speakers bureau, specialising in motivational political speakers who eloquently navigate the intersection of charisma and compelling ideas, sparking inspiration and fostering insightful dialogues on the political stage.

Political speakers bureau

Riva Media takes the spotlight as a dynamic political speakers bureau, dedicated to connecting influential voices with diverse audiences, ensuring that impactful ideas and thought-provoking perspectives resonate powerfully in the ever-evolving landscape of political discourse.

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