Health and Wellbeing

Mental health and wellbeing is a critical focus for events, employers, and individuals seeking to enhance their overall quality of life. Our curated selection of speakers includes experts, athletes, and motivational figures who are dedicated to promoting mental wellness and sharing their insights on maintaining a balanced, healthy mindset.

These speakers offer invaluable advice on how to boost mental health and improve physical wellbeing. Discover our range of health and wellbeing speakers to find the perfect match for your event or workplace. Whether you’re planning a corporate event or a community gathering, our speakers can inspire your audience with practical strategies for mental health improvement and personal growth.


Ayo Sokale

Civil engineer, BBC Presenter, Former Deputy Mayor of Reading, Sustainability Speaker, Motivational Speaker, STEM Speaker, Neurodiversity Speaker


Jess Meredith

Renowned neurodiversity speaker, advocate, and founder of Differing Minds, pioneering neuroinclusion strategies and creating groundbreaking neurodiversity lessons for schools.


Martina Witter

Martina Witter, award-winning Cognitive Behaviour Therapist and Director of Rapha Therapy, transforms individuals and organizations with over 20 years of experience, fostering holistic thriving online.


Bear Grylls

Extreme Adventurer, Emmy Award-Nominated Programme Host, Ex-Soldier British Special Forces, Worked Alongside President Obama, Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet


Tim Spector

Leading genetic epidemiologist, bestselling author, and pioneer in personalized medicine and the gut microbiome, renowned for his work in fighting Covid-19


Pamela Aculey

Award-winning author and CEO of Just Like Me Books and MIXD Reality, pioneers inclusive AR experiences in children's education, addressing diversity and kindness


Sonya Barlow

BBC Presenter, LMF Network CEO, Author, Keynote Speaker, Moderator, Event MC, specialising in entrepreneurship, technology, gender equality, inclusion, future of work, diversity and neurodiversity


Hein Wagner

Hein Wagner, blind since birth, has achieved extraordinary feats, including completing marathons, an Ironman, setting a Blind Land Speed Record, and inspiring as an international keynote speaker for 15 years. He transforms obstacles into opportunities, exemplifying the limitless potential within us all.


Derek Redmond

An enduring symbol of resilience, first captured the world's attention when he triumphantly crossed the Barcelona Olympics finish line with a snapped hamstring and his father's support.


Nirmal Purja

Former Special Forces soldier Nirmal Purja inspires with his record-breaking feat of conquering the world's highest peaks, motivating audiences to reach new heights.


Andrea Byrne

Anchor of BAFTA Award Winning Wales at Six, ITV News Presenter, Crime Files for ITV Wales, Wales This Week, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Ambassador


Afua Hagan

TV & Radio Presenter, TalkTV Presenter, also regularly appearing on ITV, BBC, LBC, Times Radio and talkRADIO, TEDx Speaker, Diversity and Inclusion Speaker, Event Host, Moderator, Royal Commentator

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