Technology Speakers and Moderators

The world is undergoing a period of dynamic change and its heart is technology.

Riva Media’s keynote technology speakers and moderators work at the heart of these changes – many are the innovators who propelled the changes. For digital transformation speakers, cyber security speakers, artificial intelligence speakers, social media speakers or business speakers we have an array leaders and experts who can articulate and dissect the way the world is changing and what the future holds.

These are digital transformation speakers who can share their anecdotes and experience, ensuring an event you’ll never forget.


Toby Lewis

Cyber Security Expert with a career that began within the British Intelligence Services. He was a founding member of the National Cyber Security Centre and now leads an international team of Cyber Security Analysts for British AI & Cybersecurity firm, Darktrace.


Ed Newton-Rex

Former VP of Audio, Stability AI; former Product Director for TikTok in Europe, and former Product Director at Snapchat; founded and sold a Generative AI company. Speaker on Artificial Intelligence & Generative AI


Jimmy Wales

Wikipedia's founder and tech innovator, transformed online information with open collaboration, addressing fake news through WikiTribune and championing freedom of expression. TIME's "Most Influential" and Forbes' "Web Celeb," Jimmy remains a sought-after speaker


Kitty Horlick

Trailblazing Rarilabs Director and founder of Blackwood, Consultant and Keynote Speaker on Artificial Intelligence and web3-associated technologies such as blockchain, NFTs, the metaverse and cryptocurrencies.


Joe Tidy

BBC Cyber Correspondent - Keynote Speaker on cyber security, online safety, Artificial Intelligence, and crypto, BBC Radio Presenter, Moderator, Event MC Gaming expert


Priya Lakhani

An AI visionary, revolutionized global education with her award-winning system, Century, improving learning outcomes and teacher efficiency, while also shaping government policy and making a social impact in impoverished nations


Claudia Olsson

Leading expert, advises businesses on navigating the evolving digital landscape and future-proofing the workforce through her acclaimed insights on technology, leadership, and digital upskilling


Sasha Qadri

Presenter, Moderator, Event Host with a background encompassing Bloomberg, Sky News, Reuters, CNBC, Channel 4 News. Specialist in business, finance, sustainability and technology


JB Straubel

Co-founder of Tesla, Sustainable Technology Expert, Motor Industry, Battery Technology, Electronic Waste Expert, Technology Speaker, Environmental Speaker

Why hire tech keynote speakers?

Technology keynote speakers come from the world of media and tech startups. They have direct and intimate knowledge of foundational and emerging technology. Many have founded tech firms and written books on the subject. As such, they’re more comfortable explaining these concepts to a varied audience. And they often have fun anecdotes to pepper in that really make their speaking engagements enthralling to watch. Maybe you’re putting on a conference and need a powerful headline draw? Tech keynote speakers hail from big names like Twitter, Tik Tok, Netflix and more. And this makes them celebrity names that are highly desirable for a range of keynote environments.

How do you hire technology keynote speakers?

Luckily, you don’t have to search through endless reams of personal websites, LinkedIn pages and CVs to find your perfect tech speaker. At Riva Media, we’ve distilled our fabulous pool of keynote speakers into a searchable, topical database. To hire technology keynote speakers for your event, just browse through the recommended profiles to find a match. Shortlist a few candidates for your tech event and reach out to our team. We’ll coordinate with the talent directly to find the perfect technology motivational speakers for your event dates and budget.

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