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The world is undergoing unprecedented change and we offer leading keynote speakers able to share their experience and expertise on how to navigate the biggest issues of our age – technology, sustainability, climate change, diversity, equality, health and wellbeing.


Ayleen Charlotte

Ayleen Charlotte, a victim of the infamous 'Tinder Swindler,' emerged as a Scam Fighter Person of the year 2023 and aims to break the stigma around fraud, promote awareness, and empower other victims while advocating for systemic changes to prevent such scams.


Ben Owen

World renowned speaker who delivers talks and presentations on a broad range of subjects in order to engage, motivate, excite, and upskill audiences from all industries and backgrounds across the globe.

Digital transformation remains one of the biggest challenges for many organisations. Among our keynote speakers are leading innovators and entrepreneurs able to share their expertise in how to position your organisation, to embrace the right technology and improve your online presence and social media marketing. We have business leaders and sports stars who can advise on leadership, team building, performance and how to motivate and inspire your colleagues, employees and clients. There’s also a growing demand for influencers as keynote speakers – specialists in sharing how to build your online profile, work with big brands and attract Gen Z consumers.

These are volatile times in the financial world, enduring the international uncertainty in Eastern Europe and the fallout from COVID. From Business leaders, investment experts, politicians, and economists to entrepreneurs and technology specialists, we offer a range of high pedigree keynote speakers. People accustomed to working at a high level and communicating their ideas to an audience. ESG is another specialism and our speakers on climate change, sustainability and the environment offer inspiration and ideas on how you can position yourself to raise your environmental game and help to preserve the planet.

Our sports stars are popular keynote speakers, bringing experience of team building, performance and developing the right mindset. They are also brilliant motivational speakers with anecdotes and insights to lift and inspire your audience. On a wider level we have a high demand for motivational and inspiration speakers. For International Women’s Day we have high quality speakers covering subjects like Women in STEM and how to make cultural changes to your organisation to offer greater equality of opportunity. In terms of diversity and inclusion, we have some of the UK’s leading keynote speakers, sharing their experience of issues like unconscious bias and how to ensure your organisation is drawing on the best and most diverse talents on offer.

Our After Dinner Speakers are very popular, bringing humour, anecdotes and ensuring your evening ends on a high. There are plenty of celebrity speakers – comedians, entertainers, sport stars, big names from television – all able to attract a big audience, sell tickets and add some stardust to your event. Celebrity Chefs are particular popular, cooking up a few culinary delights for your audience.

Whatever your requirements, take a look at our keynote speakers and get in touch by email or phone.

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