Conference Speakers

Addressing a major conference or summit is an art form and among our Conference Speakers are some of the world’s greatest exponents – brilliant communicators, able to capture and elevate the mood of a big audience.


Andy Verity

BBC Economics Correspondent, Financial Presenter and Broadcaster, Moderator, Business and Financial Keynote Speaker, Event Host, Personal Finance Expert


Dino Sofos

Podcast Pioneer, CEO at Persephonica, Producer of The News Agents, pioneered Brexitcast podcast, Keynote Speaker on Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Carl Bildt

Former Swedish Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, a charismatic speaker, influential co-chair of the European Council on Foreign Relations, and a mediator in global conflicts.


Lord Vaisey

Ed Vaizey is a former UK Government Culture and Digital Minister. He is now a presenter, writer, and adviser to several companies and organisations

Among our Conference Speakers are leading figures from global business and commerce – corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators. Our Leadership speakers come with a high pedigree and experience of leading change and motivating your workforce in an uncertain world. We have financial and investment specialists, offering insights and expertise on the markets and company economics. Cryptocurrency speakers are popular and we have leading experts in how to navigate this volatile sector and manage your risk.

As dynamic changes continue in the world of technology, we have conference speakers specialising in digital transformation, cyber security and data privacy. Many of these speakers are the founders and entrepreneurs behind the cutting edge companies now leading the way in building an online following and customer base. They’re experts in social media marketing – the digital disruptors who can help you get ahead.

ESG is a priority for many businesses and other organisations and we have leading conference speakers on the environment, sustainability and climate change, as well as corporate leaders who have already successfully embraced ESG.

We also have conference speakers who can lighten the mood or engage the audience with stories and anecdotes from their high-profile careers. Our celebrity speakers and stars from the worlds of entertainment and sport are popular in a conference setting; as are motivational speakers, who are specialists in inspiring and elevating the mood of the audience. These are top communicators, the best inspirational speakers, able to improve the mindset of the audience and encourage them to embrace new goals and ways of working.

Organisations in all sectors are now seeking to improve the diversity of their workforce. We have a huge range of conference speakers on diversity and inclusion, able to share their experiences and assist in developing a new diverse culture within your audience. Our conference speakers are particularly popular during Black History Month and International Women’s Day. The speakers are often equality campaigners and leading figures in breaking down barriers and improving opportunities for Women in STEM and many others sectors.

Our conference speakers include Paralympians, inspiring role models who can share first hand accounts of how to handle adversity and lift your performance to heights you never previously knew were possible.

Riva Media is also a talent agency and among our clients are Moderators and Facilitators with vast experience hosting major conferences and summits.

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