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Riva Media is a leading Speakers Bureau delivering first class keynote speakers, motivational and inspirational speakers, event hosts, awards hosts, moderators, facilitators and presenters. Our keynote speakers offer expertise and insights on some of the biggest issues of our age – technology, digital transformation, sustainability, climate change, the environment, and diversity – and there’s a new generation coming through – the influencers plugged into the gargantuan societal changes propelled by social media, digital marketing, artificial intelligence and gaming.


Ayleen Charlotte

Ayleen Charlotte, a victim of the infamous 'Tinder Swindler,' emerged as a Scam Fighter Person of the year 2023 and aims to break the stigma around fraud, promote awareness, and empower other victims while advocating for systemic changes to prevent such scams.


Ben Owen

World renowned speaker who delivers talks and presentations on a broad range of subjects in order to engage, motivate, excite, and upskill audiences from all industries and backgrounds across the globe.

Bringing profile and glittering track records we offer leading experts from technology, business, finance, sport and if you need some celebrity stardust, we have some of the biggest names from the television, entertainment and influencer world.

Leadership and team building are popular themes and our business and sports speakers bring a wealth of experience from the corporate and sporting worlds, offering insights into the proven methods that worked for them and can work for you.  They are also popular consultants, able to take a strategic look at your organisation, offering advice on broader structural changes. This includes digital transformation and our technology specialists are proven operators when  addressing the dynamic technological changes unfolding around us and the challenges presented by the digital world, particularly cyber security and data protection. We also have some of the 21st century’s leading marketeers, brilliant with social media and expertise on how to build your online profile.

ESG is a vital part of any organisation’s strategy and we have some of the world’s best speakers on sustainability climate change and the environment. Our Moderators and Facilitators are also very experienced hosts for sustainability and climate change summits and conferences.

Our motivational speakers are brilliant communicators, able to inspire and energize their audiences, bringing a new mindset and perspective with advice and insights on how you, your clients and your employees can improve their performance.

Mental health and wellbeing are popular subjects. Many of our speakers have been able to overcome apparently insurmountable challenges and dark times to achieve success. They’re also good listeners, sensitive to the specific needs of your audience and able to adapt their presentation to meet your bespoke requirements.

Black History Month is a busy time for us and we have a range of top keynote speakers on diversity, inclusion and wider equality issues. For International Women’s Day we delivered a large number of motivational and inspirational speakers, as well as experts and campaigners looking to increase the number of women working in STEM sectors.

Whatever your requirement, take a look at the speakers we offer and get in touch by phone or email.

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