Why Technology Speakers and Moderators are in such demand?

For some years now at Riva Media, our Speakers and Moderators specialising in technology have been in particular demand. The breakneck pace of technological change has added a premium to their expertise and the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated many of the changes, which were already coming down the track. Here’s our rundown of the Riva Media Technology Titans who are most in demand.

Zoe Kleinman presenter and event host

Zoe Kleinman

The first thing to say about technology is forget the geek stereotype. Technology is exciting and enthralling in how it impacts on our daily lives and the escapism it offers. BBC Senior Technology Reporter and Presenter Zoe Kleinman has raced drones in the Nevada desert, taken a backseat drive in a driverless car, spent the night in a house full of robots and climbed Mount Everest in Virtual Reality. As a Keynote Speaker and Moderator, Zoe’s expertise is matched by a sense of fun and she has plenty of tales to tell and insights to offer. Women in Tech is also an issue close to her heart as the industry battles to address its gender imbalance.

Joe Tidy

Cyber security is one of the hottest topics and the BBC’s first Cyber Security Correspondent Joe Tidy often hosts virtual conferences examining the challenges and ethics surrounding data protection  and privacy. He also offers some fascinating insights from his own investigations particularly into hacking. Joe’s met some fascinating characters along the way – like the millionaire teenage hacker you can see on the link below. Joe also loves gaming and spent a very happy few days reporting for the BBC from the Fortnite World Cup.

Joe Tidy, presenter, event moderator, keynote speaker
Ed Newton-Rex keynote speaker

Ed Newton-Rex

Ed Newton-Rex is one of the world’s leading experts and speakers on Artificial intelligence and creativity. Ed founded his own AI Music company Jukedeck, which was so successful that TikTok owners ByteDance bought it and put him in charge of their AI lab. Ed is now TikTok’s Product Director for Europe and is perfectly placed to provides insights into the dynamic changes across the digital media landscape. He’s also a great speaker and performer for both virtual and physical events as you’ll see from the videos in his profile.

Susannah Streeter

Technology is already playing a massive role in helping the global battle to improve sustainability. It was one of the issues covered when former BBC Business Presenter Susannah Streeter hosted the World Green Economy Summit in Dubai and interviewed President Francois Hollande of France, in French. This Autumn Susannah hosted BMW’s Future Forum in Munich and chaired debates on the ethics of Artificial Intelligence. She has also hosted a lot of events and broadcasts covering automation in the transport industry, such as the autonomous shipping conference in Oslo.

Susannah has become something of a specialist as a presenter of virtual events. Within days of lockdown starting, the ‘cupboard of doom’ under the stairs at home was transformed into a tiny  radio workshop and she has now created a TV studio in the corner of her lounge from where she’s been anchoring global conferences.

Susannah has now become a Senior investment and Markets Analyst at the FTSE 100 financial platform Hargreaves Lansdown and is also well placed to host events covering the formidable rise of many technology stocks from e-commerce to gaming. She also hosted the technology podcast Backspace and Beyond with Zoe Kleinman resulting in a guest appearance by Susannah and Zoe on Steve Wright in the Afternoon on Radio 2.

Susannah Streeter, TV presenter, keynote speaker, event moderator, event host and MC
Alysia Judge presenter, keynote speaker gaming expert, event host and MC

Alysia Judge

There are now more than 2.5 billion people in the world playing video games every day, from grandparents playing Candy Crush on their phones, to teenagers carrying their Nintendo Switches on the bus. Video games are one of the cornerstones of modern culture. No other art or entertainment form encompasses so much – design, music, animation, writing, programming, acting, dance, sculpture, and more – and as the world went into lockdown player numbers soared even higher as more people used video games to stay connected. Alysia Judge is one of the UK’s premier speakers and broadcasters on gaming and is well placed to discuss the benefits and challenges it presents. Alysia is a regular host of BAFTA’s Game Awards and masterclasses and currently creates popular videos for the Netflix UK YouTube channel. She speaks fluent Spanish and has given keynote addresses on gaming internationally from Sweden to Guatemala. Warm, insightful and charismatic, Alysia is a brilliant communicator. She shares her passion with devoted fans and those keen to learn more about the games industry.

Carl Nasman

If you’re looking for an authentic Californian with tech expertise, Carl Nasman is your man. Carl currently serves as a correspondent with NBC and has more than a decade of experience in  television news. As senior digital correspondent for Deutsche Welle (DW) he led in-depth reporting on Silicon Valley and the effect social platforms are having on democracy around the globe. His work has been nominated for a European Digital Media Award. Carl is also an innovator, developing DW’s first IGTV news video series, Portrait Mode. He is well-placed to work as a conference and event host, moderator and keynote speaker covering issues relating to digital disruption, social media and technology.

Carl Nasman is a TV news anchor and correspondent, keynote speaker, event host and MC

Samuel Burke

Samuel Burke is an Emmy award-winning bilingual business and technology journalist who has anchored, reported and produced at CNN, CNN en español, ABC and NPR. Samuel is well placed to host and moderate at events looking at business trends in technology, having landed major news-making interviews with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Alibaba CEO Jack Ma. On CNN he also presented a tech series about start-ups in the Middle East and a series about “Unicorns”.

Samuel has hosted the “iReport” program at CNN International and for nearly a decade anchored CNN en español’s “Cibercafé” for the network’s flagship morning programme. As a keynote speaker he can provide insights into the impact of technology on the television news gathering process and into the time he spent as Christiane Amanpour’s longtime digital and field producer.

Samuel’s career, however, hit a new high when he tried dating a robot, as you will see at the end of the presenter showreel on the link below.

Samuel Burke presenter
Sasha Qadri presenter

Sasha Qadri

Sasha Qadri specialises in working as a Moderator and Facilitator for virtual and physical events about digital disruption and how businesses are reacting to the rapid pace of technological change. Currently working at Bloomberg, Sasha is an experienced TV news presenter with a track record which includes Sky News and Reuters. For many years she has been a popular corporate events moderator, hosting business events, panels and roundtable discussions.

Having begun her career in investment banking, Sasha has a strong interest in how technology impacts on financial services and business content. Dell EMC, HPE, Microsoft, Accenture and Atom Bank are among the companies Sasha has worked with.

Our final Technology Titans are two people who are masters of the art of social media marketing.

Timothy Armoo

Timothy Armoo is the CEO and founder of Fanbytes – one of the world’s leading Influencer marketing agencies, which helps the globe’s most innovative brands win Gen Z hearts on social media, through its network of influencers on Tiktok, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube.

Fanbytes works with everyone – from Apple and McDonald’s to Deliveroo, Boohoo and the UK Government.

Timothy’s expertise is in high demand from those wishing to tap into his knowledge through his work as a keynote speaker on Business, Marketing, Social Media, Digital Disruption, Start-ups and Diversity.