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Natasha Grano keynote and motivational speaker
Natasha Grano keynote and motivational speaker

Natasha Grano

Influencer, 10 million Instagram followers, Social Media Marketing Expert, Social Media Speaker, Celebrity Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Inspirational Speaker, named in the world’s top ten keynote speakers by LA weekly.
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Natasha Grano keynote and motivational speaker

Natasha Grano is a global influencer crowned “The world’s number 1 female mindset coach” by Huffpost and Yahoo’s “number 1 motivational speaker in the world under 40”. Her insights on

building a social media network and becoming a digital leader resulted in Natasha being named in the world’s top ten keynote speakers by LA weekly, alongside the likes of Michelle Obama and John Assaraf.

Natasha has ten million followers on instagram and hundreds of millions of people have viewed her online posts – all learning from and enjoying Natasha’s revelatory mindset and motivational techniques and proven MBS Method.

Her Instagram live show gets over 1 million views per episode and she hosts one the biggest rooms on Clubhouse on the Law of Attraction and Manifesting Your Desires. Around 30,000 people come through each time and many world class speakers regularly appear in her rooms.

Natasha is a powerful Thought Leader for the new generation, a Motivational Speaker, a best-selling Author and #1 Social Media Expert. Drawing on her own personal experiences of illness, depression, anxiety and divorce, Natasha gives her audience actionable steps to create the life they want and take them out of self-sabotage and pain, just as she did, detailing her experiences in her book – The Action Plan. She teaches how to use your network to create your net worth and elevate yourself and your business to the highest level.

Natasha is on a mission to mentor, empower and draw the full potential out of every person with the promise that positivity, proactivity and heartfelt passion is a sure way to get the very best out of life.

As a Keynote speaker, Natasha covers these key areas:

– How she gained a million followers and a million dollars on social media by building her platform first, then injecting her brand.

– She teaches you some of her top hacks and the blueprint for a winning formula to growing your instagram presence, showing value with your business to your audience and turning your new followers into leads and revenue!

– Erasing past beliefs to design your perfect life.

– Using instant tips, Natasha shows how to design your world around you by eradicating past self-sabotaging beliefs. Your outer reality is a direct reflection of your inner self beliefs. Learn from this leading mindset guru how to rewire your brain.

– Actionable steps to creating your dream life as seen in her book The Action Plan.

Natasha Grano keynote and motivational speaker

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Natasha, until I read your book the only self help book I ever recommended to anyone was this one. Now I have two and the interesting (and possibly not surprising) thing is they tell a similar message in a slightly different way.

I think your way of writing and getting your message over will resonate with the people that really need help. It’s small steps that really make a big difference. Every teenager needs to read your book.

Chris Branch, Oscar-winning Producer

I had the pleasure of connecting with Natasha through one of her IG growth webinars. I could tell right away that she has a tremendous passion and energy for helping others! I was so inspired after the webinar that I invested in one of Natasha’s group IG growth courses and am so thankful that I did!

Over the course of four sessions, I learned so much regarding best practices and actionable tips to grow my brand on IG. Natasha was very helpful and always willing to answer my questions/concerns.

Simply put Natasha is an AMAZING human being and I HIGHLY recommend her IG growth course if you are serious about growing your brand on IG. I am beyond thrilled that I made the investment!

Kurt Mueller, Certified Financial Planner

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