Best Digital Transformation Speakers for Events

There was a time when we used to market digital disruption speakers but that seems a very dated phrase now. Digital is the mainstream and anyone who regards it as “disrupting” is probably already falling behind their competitors. More apposite are digital transformation speakers. For long-established companies legacy issues persist. Systems and philosophies which have succeeded in the past can suddenly seem dated and cumbersome, but how do you actually enact digital transformation? Forging a new future in the 2020s often entails major investment and an element of trial and error, as you innovate and explore what works for your company.

The biggest challenge of digital transformation is often people management – hiring new, often younger staff who are plugged into the dynamic changes unfolding around us and most difficult of all – carrying the existing staff with you in a way which retains their enthusiasm and loyalty and taps into their ideas and expertise, in a way which may not have been possible previously.

Here are some of our best digital transformation speakers, whose expertise and experience can help to enthuse and inform you and your colleagues as you adapt and flourish.

Kathryn Parsons Keynote Speaker and technology speaker

Kathryn Parsons is the Co-CEO is Decoded, which she started with a credit card and transformed into a global operation, teaching data and cyber skills to more than half a million people in 85+ cities worldwide. Described by Vogue Magazine as “one of the most influential people in technology”, Kathryn is a highly accomplished digital transformation keynote speaker, teaching companies how to “rewire” and sharing her insights on transforming digital capability and the culture of their businesses. Global clients include Unilever, Nike, HSBC, Burberry, Citi and MasterCard. Kathryn is passionate about digital education and was awarded the MBE after her successful campaign to make coding mandatory on the UK National Curriculum.

She is a motivational and inspirational speaker, showing how to embrace lifelong learning, by giving ourselves permission to learn and grow. Kathryn is well placed to enthuse and enlighten your staff on how to adapt and flourish in a way which fulfils their aspirations as well as yours

When it comes to digital transformation, Terry Jones has been there at the sharp end, taking charge of companies, transforming them and selling at a value no one could previously have envisaged. Terry made his name as the founder of  transforming it into a public company with three billion dollars in sales. Terry was also founding Chairman of, where once again he revolutionised how travel is purchased.

Terry is now a leading digital transformation keynote speaker, expanding on the themes covered in his books – ON Innovation and Disruption OFF. Grant Thornton CEO Mike McGuire says “our partners have new energy and focus on innovation for our firm and our industry after listening to Terry”.  He’s also been complimented on the visual aids and other techniques he deploys for his virtual presentations. Tahoe Silicon Mountain said: “Terry, your presentation is the reason virtual meetings DO work!”

Terry Jones technology and keynote speaker
Jeremy White, public speake and moderator

If you’re looking for a digital transformation speaker who offers expertise and insight on what the future holds, the Executive Editor of Wired Magazine, Jeremy White, is a leading authority on technology trends, innovations and how businesses are building for the future. At Wired, Jeremy is tasked with evaluating products and technology at the cutting edge of innovation, from wearables to supercars, architecture and autonomous cars. He is in high demand as a keynote digital transformation speaker and moderator for topics that include internet of things, artificial intelligence and cyber security.  Above all, Jeremy is a hugely talented communicator, reinforced by this testimonial from BMW: “Jeremy is able to articulate complex new developments in technology in an exciting and relevant way that engages with the audience and promotes new thinking.”

Remember the days when if you wanted to binge watch your favourite drama or comedy or crime series, you’d probably have to rent videos or a big box-set of DVDs and return them on time? As a co-founder of Netflix, Marc Randolph is a digital transformation speaker who can give you the inside track on how all that changed. A serial tech entrepreneur and advisor, Marc is an experienced keynote business speaker focusing on technology, media, leadership and entrepreneurial matters – and the environment, for which he is a powerful advocate. Marc is a restless spirit, for whom the successful start-up is the key event.

So when Netflix was up and running, he left in 2002 for more new start-ups, more ventures, more thinking outside the box. In this he truly captures the innovative zeitgeist of the media-tech age. His extraordinary experience allied to his ever-questing mind make him the perfect keynote speaker on entrepreneurship, technology, digital transformation and social media.

Marc Randolph business technology and environment keynote speaker
Chad Hurley business keynote speaker and technology speaker

The webmaster and multi-millionaire Chad Hurley is one of the legendary figures in the history of America’s Silicon Valley.  As the co-founder and former CEO of YouTube he is a digital transformation speaker, business, technology and social media keynote speaker who has made business history, not just lived it. More than two billion people are estimated to be logged on to YouTube on a monthly basis. 74% of adults in the U.S. are thought to use YouTube, though 80% of its traffic is estimated to come from outside the United States.

In 2006, Google bought YouTube for 1.65 billion dollars and Hurley stayed on as  CEO. He stepped down in 2010, but continued as an advisor. As a business speaker, social media speaker and technology speaker, Chad tells the inside story behind the rise of YouTube, the media trends it created and the changes which lie ahead in the fast-evolving world of social media.

Zoe Kleinman presenter and event host

As a Technology Presenter and Reporter for the BBC, Zoe Kleinman’s role is to report on the way digital transformation is affecting all our lives. Zoe has reported on the highs and lows of Bitcoin, the gender bias in Silicon Valley, Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, and parents whose children accidentally spent thousands of pounds inside video and mobile games. As digital transformation speaker, Zoe draws on her expertise covering technology trends, artificial intelligence, cyber security, automation and women in Technology. She has great people skills and knows how to work an audience, bringing out the best in panel contributors when she is working as a digital transformation moderator or event host.  Laura Welford at Ketchum has worked with Zoe and says: “Zoe brought an incredible amount to the conversation, asking insightful, poignant questions which allowed the experts to share intelligence that resonated with the audience. Her unrivalled finger-on-the-pulse observations on who had got it right, and wrong, and how journalists would respond added credence to the discussion.”

Cyber Security and data privacy are among the major challenges facing all companies. Joe Tidy is the BBC’s Cyber Security Reporter and a Presenter of Radio 4’s Media Show is a digital transformation speaker offering insights and expertise on how to ensure the information you hold and changes you make are carried out in a way which is safe and secure.. As a keynote speaker and moderator, Joe can offer specialist knowledge of cyber security, cyber crime, hacking, privacy, data security, online safety, gaming and the wider internet of things. Joe is well-known for investigating the darker sides of the internet, interviewing hackers and investigating the criminals behind the cyber security threats, we all face. Laura Edwards from the Data Protection World Forum paid this tribute to Joe’s skills as a Moderator and Event Host: “Joe has done an incredible job in hosting and facilitating several sessions of our virtual monthly events. His  approachable style makes the discussions more engaging for the audience.”

Joe Tidy presenter and reporter

Digital marketing is a vital for most companies and as a digital transformation speaker, Timothy Armoo draws on his expertise working at the cutting edge of 21st century digital marketing. Hailed as “the leader of the new school of advertising”, Timo is the CEO of FanBytes, which helps major companies like Deliveroo, McDonalds and Nike to reach the hearts of Generation Z, through its influencer network and other leading social media strategies. From a young age he has been heavily influenced by business and technology, starting his first company at the age of 14 and his second when he was 17. Timo is in demand as a keynote business speaker on digital marketing, social media, entrepreneurship and digital transformation and has been described by The Evening Standard as: “Most Influential Person in Marketing and Advertising”. Timo can also speak on diversity and has used his influence for good, building the Fanbytes fund which invests and funds influencer campaigns for black businesses.

Timothy Armoo influencer and keynote speaker
Susannah Streeter, TV presenter, keynote speaker, event moderator, event host and MC

As digital transformation speaker, Susannah Streeter brings enormous experience on how the business world has changed in the past twenty years, drawing on her work as a distinguished business news presenter for the BBC and now a Senior Investment and Markets Analyst at the financial company Hargreaves Lansdown. Susannah is hugely in demand as a keynote speaker, business speaker, moderator and event host covering Fintech, digital transformation and cybersecurity for the likes of Kaspersky and BMW.

Zibert Consulting says: “We really enjoyed working with Susannah. She was incredibly helpful through all the process and her presence on our stage for our event with BMW was just wonderful!” Susannah also speaks fluent French and interviewed former French President Francois Hollande when hosting the World Green Economy Summit. Sustainability is one of the big challenges facing companies as they transform and the environment is another specialist subject for Susannah. She has hosted at The Our Ocean Conference in Norway, where she was complimented on doing “a superb job of driving the discussions forward creating an energetic yet unhurried atmosphere and bringing out the relevant viewpoints from each person.”

Ed Newton-Rex is one of the world’s top keynote speakers on artificial intelligence and creativity. He’s been named as one of Business Insider’s 30 most creative people in UK tech and one of 20:40’s Leaders of the Future. Ed first came to prominence when he founded his own AI music company Jukedeck. It was so successful that it was bought by the owners of TikTok, ByteDance, who put Ed in charge of their AI lab in London. He’s since become the Product Director for TikTok in Europe. Ed is a compelling keynote speaker on artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship and digital transformation and received this testimonial from Sonophilia: “Ed is a very talented and inspiring speaker. He can explain complex concepts in easily understandable terms, and engages his audience.”

Ed Newton-Rex keynote speaker and musician
Biz Stone, business, social media motivational speaker

As the co-founder of Twitter, Biz Stone is a digital transformation speaker who can draw on his experience as an innovator of a platform that lies at the heart of the 21st century media and communications landscape. Operating from the very heart of modern social media and with a  personal worth estimated at upwards of a billion dollars, there can be few people more qualified than Biz Stone to be your keynote speaker in technology, business and social media. Early in his career he showed both appetite and aptitude for harnessing the power of the Internet to disseminate information, in two popular books about blogging published in 2002 and 2004, as well as taking on a senior leadership role at Google between 2003 and 2005.

The key moment came in 2006 when along with Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass and Evan Williams, he founded Twitter, an instant messaging service named after the chirping of birds. Three years after the launch of Twitter, Time Magazine listed what it called “the Twitter guys” among the 100 most influential people in the world, calling the creation of the platform “as significant and paradigm-shifting as the invention of Morse code, the telephone, radio, television or the personal computer.” His presence as a digital transformation, technology, business, social media or motivational speaker will give your event huge profile and credibility.

Does crypto-currency present a digital transformation challenge for the financial sector?

Glen Goodman has the inside track. Glen is the author The Crypto Trader – an Amazon bestseller and has twenty years trading experience. When you hear him as a digital transformation speaker, you’re listening to someone who puts his money where his mouth is – an experienced navigator of the peaks and troughs of the cryptocurrency markets. For many years, Glen was a Business Correspondent for the BBC and ITV. He’s a brilliant communicator, bringing credibility and creativity when working as a Keynote Speaker, Business Speaker, Moderator or Event Host. Glen is a contributing expert for the London School of Economics and a commentator on cryptocurrency and other financial topics for the BBC, Forbes, Newsweek, Reuters, LBC, The Guardian and The Independent.

Glen Goodman keynote speaker
Alysia Judge presenter, keynote speaker gaming expert, event host and MC

Gaming is a central part of many young people’s lives and companies looking to target Gen Z consumers can call on Alysia Judge as digital transformation speaker sharing her insights on the massive gaming sector. Alysia is the regular host for BAFTA’s Game Awards and is a warm and charismatic speaker, whose talents extend to creating videos for Netflix’s YouTube Channel. Alysia speaks fluent Spanish and has given keynote addresses on gaming internationally from Sweden to Guatemala.  She also specialises in talking about women in technology, entertainment, film, education and cultural analysis. Melissa Phillips from BAFTA gave this testimonial: “Alysia always brought fantastic insight, energy and empathy to every appearance and I would highly recommend her for a wide range of speaking engagements. She was a complete professional, cool throughout any chaos and cleverly matched the energy of the room.”

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