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Marc Randolph by Gage Skidmore

Marc Randolph

Do you remember the days when if you wanted to binge watch your favourite drama or comedy or crime series, you’d probably have to rent videos or a big box-set of DVDs and return them on time? 

When Marc Randolph was born in New York in 1958 (one of his great-grand-uncles was Sigmund Freud), it was into an era well before that, when television drama and entertainment was just becoming a recognisable form of art. American series were dominant. 

It’s somehow fitting that as a person from that generation, Marc Randolph, should be the one to found Netflix, which became the television streaming service that has completely redefined how we consume our favourite programmes. And by doing so, of course, completely redefined how they are made.  A serial tech entrepreneur and advisor, he is an experienced keynote speaker focusing on technology, media, leadership and entrepreneurial matters – and the environment, for which he is a powerful advocate.

To begin with, when Marc Randolph and his business partner Reed Hastings set up Netflix, it was a DVD rental business with a big difference: this was a subscription-based service with no due dates or late fees and unlimited access to content via an online catalogue of titles. So when online streaming became a possibility in 2007, Netflix already had the built-in customer interface design, to adapt and take full advantage. As Netflix’s numbers and financial clout burgeoned, it was then a natural step, further on, to produce its own content. Netflix is now a dominant force in home and cinema entertainment.

Marc Randolph is however, by his own admission, a restless spirit, for whom the successful start-up is the key event. So when Netflix was up and running, he left in 2002 for more new start-ups, more ventures, more thinking outside the box. In this he truly captures the innovative zeitgeist of the media-tech age. 

Marc helped found the U.S. edition of Macworld magazine and the computer mail-order businesses MacWarehouse and MicroWarehouse. He also serves on the boards of Looker Data Sciences, Chubbies Shorts and the National Outdoor Leadership School in Wyoming and is a trustee of the environmental advocacy group 1% for the Planet.

His extraordinary experience allied to his ever-questing mind make him the perfect keynote speaker on entrepreneurship, technology, digital transformation and social media.

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