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Kathryn Parsons Keynote Speaker and technology speaker
Kathryn Parsons keynote speaker
Kathryn Parsons keynote speaker
Kathryn Parsons keynote speaker MBE

Kathryn Parsons

Co-CEO Decoded, Digital Transformation Speaker, Technology Speaker, Business Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Inspirational Speaker

Kathryn Parsons is Founder and co-CEO of Decoded, a technology education company founded with a mission to demystify the digital world.

Their work teaching code, data and cyber skills has reached over half a million people in 85+ cities worldwide.  Today Decoded is the go-to for leaders looking to rapidly transform the digital capability and culture of their businesses. Global clients include Unilever, Nike, HSBC, Burberry, Citi and MasterCard.

Kathryn founded the business in 2011 with a credit card and a mission to teach anyone Code in a Day.  Driven by a personal desire to learn and to remove the fear, jargon and cliches which made technology impenetrable.  Kathryn’s passion for languages started at a young age, learning French, Italian, Mandarin, Japanese and ultimately Latin and Ancient Greek at Downing College, Cambridge.  For her code is just another language, the language of the future, and one she believes anyone can learn.

Today, as we witness the disruptive impact of technology on traditional economies and social  systems, the so-called “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, Kathryn is calling upon us to launch an “Education Revolution”, one which is adaptive, expansive, and lifelong to ensure that that the great benefits of technology flow to all of us.

Kathryn campaigned for coding as mandatory on the UK National Curriculum.  It was successfully introduced in 2014, making the UK one of the first countries in the world to do so and in 2015 she received an MBE in the Queen’s Honours for Services to Education.

In addition to growing and scaling her business, Kathryn is a regular Keynote and Business Speaker on “Digital Transformation” sharing her experience of how leaders, governments and individuals can embrace a digital economy.

Kathryn is also a Motivational and Inspirational Speaker. Fuelled by her passion for education and technology, she teaches how to embrace lifelong learning, by giving ourselves permission to learn and grow.


“Parsons is considered internationally as one of the most influential people in technology today”

Vogue Magazine

“A woman on a mission to teach us all to code”

Evening Standard

“Decoded’s evangelical, and reassuringly ethical, vision has gained traction among the bosses of many of the hardest-nosed businesses…Decoded has trained thousands of people ranging from start-ups to the c-suite of multinational firms.”

The Times

“Helping businesses bridge the divide between digitally literate programmers and those who do not understand technology — often a company’s leadership — is a big part of Decoded’s mission”

Financial Times

Oxford Union

Department for International Trade

Institute of Directors – Royal Albert Hall

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