Biz Stone

Biz Stone

“Biz” Stone, born Christopher Isaac Stone in 1974, is one of the world’s most successful  technology entrepreneurs, who helped revolutionise global social media by co-founding the trailblazing online network Twitter.

Operating from the very heart of modern social media and with a  personal worth estimated at upwards of a billion dollars, there can be few people more qualified than Biz Stone to be your keynote speaker in technology, business and social media.

Early in his career he showed both appetite and aptitude for harnessing the power of the Internet to disseminate information, in two popular books about blogging published in 2002 and 2004, as well as taking on a senior leadership role at Google between 2003 and 2005. 

Such was the dynamism of his outlook, Stone had not waited to graduate from either of the two highly respected universities he attended in Boston Massachusetts. He was already too far along the path to success.

The key moment came in 2006 when along with Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass and Evan Williams, he founded Twitter, an instant messaging service named after the chirping of birds. Its original mission was to enable people to send out short updates about their social status, but it wasn’t long before Twitter, with its emphasis on brevity, became the go-to platform for the instantaneous communication of important information. News organisations, emergency services, politicians (like, famously, Donald Trump) and political parties, all now rely on Twitter to get vital core messages “out there” as quickly as possible. Twitter is nowadays where breaking news happens. 

Three years after the launch of Twitter, Time Magazine listed what it called “the Twitter guys” among the 100 most influential people in the world, calling the creation of the platform “as significant and paradigm-shifting as the invention of Morse code, the telephone, radio, television or the personal computer.” 

Stone, an activist who lives in California and campaigns on issues like veganism, animal rights, poverty and the environment, is also a Visiting Fellow at Oxford University. His presence as a technology, business, social media or motivational speaker will give your event huge kudos.


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