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We are living through challenging but also fascinating times – the challenges of COVID but also the opportunities provided by digital transformation, working from home and other technology trends, which enable companies to operate in a leaner, more agile way. Mental health is also a talking point – the strategies that will be needed to assist everyone in how they cope with the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. Plenty to talk about then and the thriving virtual events world has been reflecting that with panel discussions on all these important topics. To successfully frame these debates, you need the right moderator, facilitator or panel host – often a broadcaster steeped in the interviewing and editorial skills required to allow a flowing, lively debate that stays on course and to time. Here are ten of the top panel discussion hosts available at Riva Media.

Bridgid Nzekwu TV Presenter, Event Moderator, Event Host and MC

Bridgid Nzekwu is a popular moderator, facilitator and host for panel discussions and debates.

She was the UK’s first mixed-race female newsreader presenting on Channel 5 before going on to a prestigious career at Channel 4, presenting and reporting at Channel 4 News.

Bridgid was Channel 4’s Money Reporter during the financial crisis and led coverage of consumer, business and economics stories with a daily segment on the lunchtime show. She brings huge expertise to event clients in the corporate and financial sectors.

Jo Holden from Hanover Communications gave this testimonial: “Bridgid is a fantastic chairperson and ensured that all our panellists had ample opportunities to offer their thoughts on some really insightful questions.”

Maryam Moshiri is a Chief Presenter on the BBC’s global news channel BBC World. She speaks fluent Italian, good Persian and is well-versed in major international issues such as sustainability, climate change and the Middle East. For many years Maryam was also a business presenter for BBC News, interviewing some of the world’s top economists, investors and CEOs, including Jeff Bezos, Reed Hastings and Willie Walsh. She brings a high level of expertise as a host for panel discussions and other events focusing on finance and economics. Maryam’s warm and personable style also makes her an ideal Moderator and Facilitator, bringing out the best from speakers, guests and other contributors to debates, webinars and other online forums.

Maryam Moshiri presenter, event moderator, event host and MC
Mark Barton, TV presenter, event host and moderator

Mark Barton spent 23 years hosting flagship programmes for Bloomberg Television and is one of the best-known names in UK business broadcasting.

As a host for panel discussions and debates, Mark brings a high level of experience, having covered the global financial crisis, Brexit, six U.K. general elections and six U.S. elections.

He has interviewed the likes of Bill Gates, Shimon Peres, Jean-Claude Trichet and many other world leaders, finance ministers, central bankers and chief executives and is well placed to work as a Moderator and Facilitator for high-level debates, conferences and summits.

Mark has regularly hosted the AIBs and Simon Spanswick, the Chief Executive of the Association for International Broadcasting gave this testimonial: “Mark was a superb host, striking just the right balance between the seriousness of the evening and engaging the audience, through just the right amount of humour to keep the evening lively.”

Andrea Byrne is a national news presenter and one of the best-known names across television in Wales, anchoring the BAFTA award-winning daily news programme Wales at Six. She’s also presented ITV national news, including the Weekend News, Lunchtime News, Evening News and News at Ten. Andrea has hosted election coverage for ITV Wales and is accustomed to leading debates and discussions involving high-level politicians and other contributors.

Andrea is also a hugely popular awards host receiving this tribute after the Institute of Directors flagship event: “Andrea has hosted this prestigious event on many occasions with absolute professionalism, style and panache. It is always a joy to work with her!” She’s also popular with the Royal College of Nursing: “Andrea manages to keep the audience and presenters engaged. Andrea is the consummate professional presenter – full of humour and compassion …. loved having her at our events.”

Andrea Byrne TV presenter and awards host
Sasha Qadri presenter

Sasha Qadri began her career working in investment banking, before switching to presenting for the likes of Sky News and Reuters. Sasha’s strong knowledge of UK and Global industry has resulted in her presenting for Bloomberg Studios.

She works as a Moderator, Facilitator and Event Host covering digital disruption themes, as well as Fintech. She is a very experienced panel discussion host from working at Meet the Boss. Roundtables are a particular speciality and she has worked with the likes of Dell EMC, HPE, Microsoft, Accenture and Atom Ban.

David Johnson from Domo provided this testimonial: “Sasha moderated a discussion session amongst technology executives for us and was fantastic to work with. Especially notable was her ability to weave conversation amongst the participants and find a way to involve everyone.”

Tim Willcox is one of the best known presenters on BBC World, broadcasting to millions across the globe. His career has taken him from Fleet Street working at the Mirror Group to reporting on major stories at ITN, before he landed as a Chief Presenter at the BBC, interviewing Prime Ministers and Presidents, leading international politicians and opinion formers.

Over the years Tim has hosted panel discussions, debates and other major events for the NHS, the World Maritime Awards, the World Travel Conference and many others.

Tim speaks fluent Spanish and his knowledge of international affairs makes him the perfect Moderator or Facilitator for conferences, summits and other forums for the global issues and challenges faced by countries around the world.

Tim Willcox, TV presenter and event moderator
Samantha Johnson presenter and event host

Samantha Johnson is an international sports presenter with knowledge and experience covering some of the major issues which are regularly at the heart of panel discussions.

She featured in the PowerList ‘Top 20 of Britain’s Most Influential People Under 40’ for her achievements in the media and brings profile and prestige to all the event she hosts.

As a moderator and facilitator Samantha specialises in sport, women and equality, wellness and mental health, diversity and inclusion. Belgin Aksoy, founder of Global Wellness Day, gave this testimonial: “Samantha is a wonderful host.

She was very professional, her questions were to the point and her enthusiasm in knowing about Global Wellness Day and knowledge on the Wellness industry as a whole, really kept the viewers engaged.’

Samuel Burke is a bi-lingual international anchor at CNN, specialising in business and technology news. If you are looking for a fluent Spanish and English speaking host, moderator or facilitator for your panel discussion, Samuel is the perfect choice. He has interviewed CEO’s from many of the world’s biggest companies including Jack Dorsey at Twitter, Satya Nadella from Microsoft and Jack Ma from Alibaba.

Brimming with energy and expertise, Samuel is an agile moderator, able to navigate complex subjects, bringing out the best in contributors and guests. His longtime CNN colleague Christiane Amanpour described him thus:Memorable and engaging. In the more than a decade I’ve watched his work, Samuel’s sharp and distinctive reporting is always a step ahead: showing us both the marvels and the pitfalls of the role technology plays in our lives.”

Samuel Burke Presenter event host and moderator
Selina Downes Presenter and event host

Selina Downes has worked with many major broadcasters, including Al Jazeera, TRT World, Reuters, Bloomberg, Sky and ITN.

Selina is accustomed to hosting panel discussions on major international issues and has also worked as a Business Presenter, covering major financial and economic stories.

She’s a firm favourite with corporate clients and does a lot of work as coach, trainer and corporate video presenter. Selina was also the Asia Correspondent for Al Jazeera and interviewed four successive Thai Prime Minister.

She’s the perfect facilitator, host and moderator for high-level debates and discussions, involving CEOs, politicians, experts and other guests. Selina has hosted a major series for Bloomberg about Soda Ash and is well-placed to work as a facilitator and moderator for discussions on climate change and sustainability.

Tadhg Enright is the UK Correspondent for Euronews and a specialist in business, financial and economic news. Tadhg presented hourly business news at Sky News, offering insightful analysis and interviewing business leaders and experts. He led Sky’s coverage of the Eurozone debt crisis and produced a series of headline-grabbing investigations for RTE One’s The Consumer Show.

Tadhg has presented events and moderated debates for Google and the Irish Exporters’ Association among others. As a panel moderator and facilitator, he brings a high level of experience and expertise in international affairs, business and economics, as well as technology and digital disruption of traditional industries.

Tadhg Enright TV Presenter

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