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Selina Downes Presenter and event host
Selina Downes TV Presenter event moderator and facilitator

Selina Downes

Selina Downes is an experienced international anchor having worked for Al Jazeera English, Arise News, ITN, Sky News and Australia’s WIN news network. She now works for Reuters Television, where she presented Money Matters for TRT World.

Selina spent several years in South-East Asia covering the aftermath of the Boxing Day Tsunami in Banda Aceh, Cambodia’s UN-backed trial of Khmer Rouge leaders, Thailand’s military coups, the Korean nuclear crisis, China-Taiwan relations and the tragedy of human trafficking.

While based in Thailand as Asia correspondent for Al Jazeera English (2006-2011) she interviewed four successive Thai Prime Ministers about the ongoing political crisis in the country. 

Selina is in much demand in the corporate world as a media trainer, presenting corporate videos and working as a host, moderator and speaker at conferences and other events.


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