Top 10 Moderators for conferences and events

So, you’ve lined up some great speakers, guests or panellists for your event but how do you ensure you get the best out of them. This where you need a professional Moderator or Facilitator.

We’ve often hired out news presenters in this role. Interviewing and facilitating is daily part of their working lives. They make it their business to know the subject matter and draw on their live broadcast and editorial experience, keeping to time, making sure everyone has their say and allowing the conversation to flow and evolve naturally, while still covering all the issues.

Our Moderators can also provide value advising you how to frame and stage manage a discussion and when to bring in the different contributors – in effect working as Executive Producers in addition to being the Facilitator. Here are ten of our most popular Moderators:

Susannah Streeter is one of our most popular Moderators and has hosted major events for the likes of BMW, Kaspersky and Total, for whom Susannah’s fluency in French was an enormous asset. A former BBC Business Presenter and now a Senior Investment Analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, Susannah covers topics like business, finance, technology and cyber security. Climate change is another specialty.

Susannah received this testimonial after hosting the Our Ocean Conference in Norway. “Susannah did a superb job of driving the discussions forward creating an energetic yet unhurried atmosphere and bringing out the relevant viewpoints from each person” – a good example of the expertise `accumulated after many years presenting live programmes for the BBC.

Christian Fraser co-hosts “Beyond 100 Days” – one of the BBC’s flagship international programmes, reaching a global audience and providing expert insight on international news from the U.S. and around the world.

Christian was the BBC’s go-to person for hosting live events on Brexit, navigating interviews, discussions and panels on one of the most divisive issues of our times – the perfect background for a Moderator or Facilitator.

Professional broadcasters like Christian are also accustomed to keeping to time – an important component of a Moderator’s work, as evidenced through this testimonial: “Christian ran the evening to a great rhythm and for the first time we finished on time”.

Christian Fraser BBC Beyond 100 Days
Juliette Foster, TV presenter, event host and moderator

Juliette Foster is an award-winning international news host who has also specialised in presenting business, economic and financial programmes.

Juliette is in high demand from corporate clients looking for financial expertise from their Moderator.

These clients are always keen to hire someone like Juliette, who has been immersed in business and economic news for the likes of the BBC, Sky and Bloomberg.

Juliette’s achievements have been formally recognised by the banking giant HSBC and The European Federation of Black Women Business Owners, which honoured her with a professional award in recognition of her achievements.

Diversity has also been an important topic in the work Juliette has done as a Moderator and Facilitator.

Maria Ramos is an International News Anchor for TRT World. Major clients like the UN value the knowledge and empathy Maria brings as a Moderator at their events, with one referee saying: “Maria showed heart, personality and passion for the conference and the cause.” Moderators also need to be accomplished Hosts and MC’s, with the ability to work an audience.

Where required, Maria always brings energy and star quality to the events she’s working on. She also speaks five languages – English, Spanish, French, Italian and Arabic – an enormous asset as a Moderator navigating international subject matter with participants from many different cultures and backgrounds.

Maria Ramos conference host & keynote speaker
Julie MacDonald, TV presenter, keynote speaker, event moderator, event host and MC

Julie MacDonald has more than twenty five years experience of live television, presenting for Al Jazeera, ITV, BBC, Sky and Five News and has the skills and agility to handle major live events, facilitating panels and discussions.

A perceptive and engaging interviewer, Julie knows how to get the best out panellists, guests and keynote speakers.

Julie has worked with many major organisations, including Astrazeneca, Merck, APSE, EQT, RBS, EFFORT and Costain.

Her specialities lie in healthcare and the pharmaceutical sector.

Here’s just one of many glowing testimonials: “From interviewing patients sensitively and warmly on stage to handling a panel of medical experts reviewing new data, we have benefitted from Julie’s considerable global, broadcast experience, her unflappable demeanour and intellectual rigour under pressure.”

Phil Gayle has presented programmes for BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and DW. Events don’t always go to plan and this is where a professional Moderator really earns their money.

Phil was once hosting a major event for Live Group and there was a delay in the arrival of some key participants.

Phil is used to things going wrong in live TV and was quickly able to offer solutions and fill for time while they awaited the late participants. Live Group boss Jonathan Lewis gave this testimonial: “Phil’s professionalism and coolness under fire earned him a big vote of thanks from all concerned, particularly me. The event was a great success with no one any the wiser about our emergency.”

Phil Gayle voice over artist
Sasha Qadri presenter

Sasha Qadri has more than 20 years experience as a television news presenter and moderator.

Working with the likes of Bloomberg and Meet the Boss, Sasha has specialised in facilitating events which explore Digital Disruption. Working with the likes of Dell EMC, HPE, Microsoft, Accenture and Atom Bank, she is a frequent Moderator of events exploring how businesses are reacting to the rapid pace of digital change in a technology-driven society. Sasha’s working life began in the financial sector and clients have always appreciated the business expertise which she brings as a Facilitator.

A recent client noted “Sasha’s ability to weave conversation amongst the participants and find a way to involve everyone” – the classic attributes of a good Moderator.

Joe Tidy is the BBC’s Cyber Reporter and cyber security is proving a hot topic at many of the events we work on. Joe has been particularly popular at virtual events winning this plaudit from the Data Protection World Forum: “Joe has done an incredible job in hosting and facilitating several sessions of our virtual monthly events. Joe has an approachable style that makes the discussions more engaging for the audience.”

One of the most fascinating parts of his work involves speaking to hackers and clients value the expertise he brings as a Moderator navigating some of the biggest issues of our time relating to cyber security, technology, digital transformation and the internet of things. Joe also presents for the BBC’s Media Show on Radio 4 and is a specialist Moderator when it comes to exploring the rapidly evolving media landscape.

Joe Tidy presenter and reporter
Zoe Kleinman presenter and event host

Technology themes are a massive part of our work and the BBC’s Technology Reporter Zoe Kleinman is in high demand for the expertise she brings as a Moderator. Covering digital transformation, cyber security and the internet of things, Zoe is a high-calibre expert. She also has great people skills, bringing charm and humour, as she draws out the best from panelists, guests and other contributors.

Here’s just one testimonial: “Zoe brought an incredible amount to the conversation, asking insightful poignant questions which allowed the cross-functional experts to share intelligence that resonated with the audience.”

Maryam Moshiri is Chief News Presenter on the BBC’s global news channel BBC World News and also spent many years as a Business Presenter at the corporation. Clients value her business and financial background and the expertise she brings from many years immersed in the issues at the heart of the British and global industrial landscape. Maryam has interviewed some of the world’s top economists, investors and CEOs, including Jeff Bezos, Reed Hastings and Willie Walsh.

Personable and highly accomplished, Maryam is able to draw out the best from guests and contributors at every level. She also knows how to work an audience and past clients have commented on her ability to engage everyone in the room – a good example of the skills you benefit from when hiring a highly experienced Moderator or Facilitator.

Maryam Moshiri presenter, event moderator, event host and MC

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