The Top 10 Best Technology Speakers

Cyber. Crypto. Digital transformation. We hear these techie buzz words every day, but rarely does anyone have the wealth of experience to really hammer home what these topics mean for individuals or companies. That’s where the top 10 best technology speakers come in. They offer insights and anecdotes around cyber security, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, technology ethics and cryptocurrency and love working as part of a panel of experts. Their profile and expertise within the tech sector make them a big draw as event and keynote speakers.

What is a technology speaker?

A technology speaker is someone who has the experience of founding a major technology business or running one at a senior level. They’re well versed in emerging hardware, cutting-edge software and can speak comfortably on technology ethical issues.

What makes a great technology speaker?

A great technology speaker takes their wealth of experience and translates it to their audience. They’ll be just as comfortable teaching college students as they are on a panel of experts during a conference. And they are committed to making technology accessible to everyone, so you’ll hear far less jargon from a great technology speaker.

Why book a technology speaker for your event?

If you’re looking to make tech topics really understandable for your workshop, event or conference audience; a tech speaker can help.

Popular topics include:

  • Cyber security – preventing attacks and breaches of personal or corporate data

  • Digital transformation – creating an agile and connected working environment

  • AI or artificial intelligence – using machine learning to improve customer experience

  • Technology ethics – embracing tech without selling our souls

  • Cryptocurrency – trading, using and accepting unregulated blockchain currency

Our top 10 best technology speakers

Biz Stone, business, social media motivational speaker

1. Biz Stone – The co-founder of Twitter and former Google exec, Biz can talk about the world’s biggest online companies from an insider’s perspective.

He’s also written two books about blogging for budding digital authors.

Focus topics: entrepreneurship, start-ups, scaling up, harnessing the internet for business, blogging, social media


2. Kathryn Parsons – Self-funded Decoded, which teaches people to code in a day. Kathryn earned an MBE for her work campaigning for coding to be on the national curriculum.

She’s also a motivational speaker for learning and growth.

Focus topics: digital education, women in tech, entrepreneurship, digital transformation

Kathryn Parsons Keynote Speaker and technology speaker
Zoe Kleinman presenter and event host

3. Zoe Kleinman – The BBC’s first Technology Editor, Zoe can tell you a range of tech tales from climbing Mount Everest in Virtual Reality to racing drones in the desert.

Focus topics: cyber security, artificial intelligence, technology ethics, cryptocurrency, women in tech

4. Marc Randolph – The Netflix founder has fascinating insights on how he changed the video rental industry forever.

Great for future-tech and innovative audiences with a real passion for startups.

Focus topics: digital disruption, entrepreneurship

Marc Randolph business technology and environment keynote speaker
Joe Tidy presenter and reporter

5. Joe Tidy – the BBC’s first Cyber Security Correspondent, offers expertise on cyber security but with a fresh take. Joe has reported from the Fortnite World Cup and understands how video games are driving the future of media.

Focus topics: tech ethics, data privacy, hacking, cyber security, social media trends, gaming

6. Sophia the Robot – Our first non-human speaker, Sophia offers a fascinating glimpse of the future of caregiving, companionship and education.

She is joined by her caretaker – David Hanson of Hanson Robotics- who guides the audience through a lifelike presentation of her capabilities.

Focus topics: machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics

Sophia the Robot keynote speaker, technology speaker or business speaker

7. Jeremy White – Executive Editor for Wired who is at the forefront of digital trends across all areas of technology from hardware to SaaS.

A capable moderator and presenter with a unique take on emerging tech.

Focus topics: tech trends, digital transformation, cyber security, artificial intelligence, tech ethics


Jeremy White, public speake and moderator
Charles Radclyffe technology keynote speaker

8. Charles Radclyffe – A little more high-brow, this self-styled data philosopher helps you understand digital transformation and the shape of computing to come in a more financially-leaning talk.

Focus topics: financial digital transformation, technology ethics, data privacy, automation, robotics, quantum computing, blockchain, the metaverse.

9. Ed Newton-Rex – One of the world’s leading speakers on artificial intelligence and creativity, Ed moved from Tik Tok to Snapchat so knows social media intimately.

His own AI music company was purchased by ByteDance (who owns Tik Tok).

Focus topics: AI music, social media, entrepreneurship, digital creativity

Ed Newton-Rex keynote speaker
Glen Goodman keynote speaker

10. Glen Goodman – Former TV & radio business reporter and author of the Amazon bestseller “The Crypto Trader”, shares his secrets on how £3000 became £100,000 when he bet against the markets in 2008.

Focus topics: crypto, blockchain

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