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Katie Prescott Presenter, event moderator and keynote speaker, event host and MC

Katie Prescott

Exclusive Agent

Katie Prescott is a Business Correspondent at BBC News and a familiar voice to millions of listeners as a Business Presenter on Radio 4’s Today programme.

Regularly seen on BBC1, Katie works across all the corporation’s major news outlets as the on-screen face and voice explaining and analysing the tumultuous changes wrought by Covid-19 and new technology, in addition to the challenges of sustainability and climate change.

With more than a decade’s experience at the BBC, Katie has reported on a wide range of issues from the European debt crisis to the unfolding events of the Coronavirus pandemic. She has travelled extensively for her work, from Tanzania and Rwanda to China and America as well as working as a journalist in the BBC’s New York Bureau.

Katie is a highly accomplished speaker and moderator, well placed to host and facilitate at major conferences and other events requiring her expertise in business, finance, economics, technology, digital disruption and sustainability.

She has a degree in Modern Languages from Oxford and lives in London with her two children.


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