The Top 10 Best Conference Facilitators

Discussions need corralling, shaping and guiding to be impactful. Without a conference facilitator, content rambles and silence looms. But an expert discussion facilitator can keep your programme rolling along smoothly. They’re well-versed in a range of audience and speaker engagement techniques, so they’re a regular placement on the great keynote stages of the world.

What do conference facilitators do?

They’re carrying out several important roles. First, they are managing the programme timeline. And the goal is to keep everything running to schedule. Then, they’re engaging both the audience and the panel experts in discussions so that the subject matter is fully explored. And lastly, they’re doing all this while maintaining professionalism and decorum at all times.

Characteristics of great event facilitators

Our conference facilitators come from business, tech, media or finance backgrounds. Nearly all of them are TV or radio personalities in their own right. And that comfort in front of a camera and with an audience translates well in a leading role at an event. Plus, they’ve got their own perspectives and experience with a range of topics from diversity to politics. So, they can add their own take to discussions.

Common duties for facilitators at events

It’s essentially necessary to have an event presenter. They’re invaluable for their support with:

  • Branding – they’ll adhere to and reinforce the event tone of voice
  • Timing – they’ll make sure your segments don’t overrun
  • Participation – they’ll get the audience involved
  • Thoroughness – they’ll ensure the topics are fully covered
  • Personality – they’ll add their own spark to your event

10 of our best conference facilitators

Jason Mohammad Presenter, event host, moderator, keynote speaker
  1. Jason Mohammad: A great sports presenter on BBC1, BBC Radio 2 and Radio Wales who has done BBC Sport’s Olympic Games coverage and hosts BBC Football’s results and the debate show Final Score. Currency playing hits on BBC Radio 2.

    Focus topics: Sport, racism, equality, music

2. Shiulie Ghosh: Highly experienced international news anchor with a 20-year career at the BBC, ITV News, Aljazeera and TRT World. Shiulie has moderated high-level discussions at the United Nations and the World Health Assembly.

Focus topics: Politics, current issues, global perspectives, media production

Shiulie Ghosh presenter and event moderator
David Foster, TV presenter, keynote speaker, Event host and MC

3. David Foster: Very experienced presenter and moderator from Sky News and ITV Westcountry who has facilitated events with Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel and the Emir of Qatar. He’s well versed in US politics and famed for his coverage of the Trump presidency.

Focus topics: US issues, politics, world leaders, global perspectives

4. Maryam Moshiri: Currently, Maryam is the Chief News Presenter at BBC World and was a BBC Business Presenter for many years. As such, she’s a popular facilitator for corporate events.

Focus topics: global industry, international security, international affairs, business, Brexit, the Middle East, sustainability, aviation


Maryam Moshiri presenter, event moderator, event host and MC
Bridgid Nzekwu TV Presenter, Event Moderator, Event Host and MC

5. Bridgid Nzekwu: The UK’s first mixed-race female newsreader; Bridgid Nzekwu, is described as “a fantastic chairperson [who] ensured that all our panellists had ample opportunities to offer their thoughts on some really insightful questions.” by Jo Holden of Hanover Communications.

Focus topics: Consumer affairs, business, economics, medicine, reflexology, media, cancer survivorship

6. Polly Middlehurst: Polly presented live rolling news programmes for Sky for many years and is an agile and very adept facilitator. She also works as a media resilience coach and voice over artist.

Focus topics: Media, VO, culture, current events, politics, energy


Polly Middlehurst event host, TV presenter and event moderator

7. Swarzy Macaly: Popular for events targeted at young people, Swarzy is the official host of My Life My Say’s Quarantine Question Time which has featured conversations with Sir Keir Starmer, John Podesta and Reverend Al Sharpton.

Focus topics: creativity, BAME culture, diversity, social media, climate change


TV and Radio Presenter Swarzy Macaly
Chloe Tilley presenter

8. Chloe Tilley: During her time on BBC programmes like Woman’s Hour and the World Service, Chloe chaired a lot of discussions. And her own programme has hosted big names like Bill Gates.

Focus topics: Education, women’s issues, voter coverage, politics


9. Andrew Wilson: Very experienced frontline news correspondent and presenter who has covered breaking stories and conflicts in Afghanistan, Gaza, Chechnya, Haiti, Egypt, Lebanon and more.

Focus topics: Military, politics, current events, media, sustainability


Andrew Wilson TV presenter, event moderator, keynote speaker, event host and MC
Samuel Burke presenter

10. Samuel Burke: A technology specialist at CNN for many years and presenter at ABC and NPR, Samuel is particularly adept as a facilitator in the tech sector.

Focus topics: Cyber security, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, Spanish linguistics, word events

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