I’ll never forget when I first met Ed Newton-Rex – a man of interesting contrasts. I knew a little about him – Ed possessed cutting edge skills in artificial intelligence and music and was now  working for TikTok – the ultimate 21st Century man – but he arrived carrying a 1950s brown briefcase and it emerged that he had a deep knowledge of classical music as well as more modern genres.

I became aware of Ed when I saw him online, as a keynote speaker at an event where he invited the audience to see if they could spot the difference between a piece of music written by a human and a piece of music written using AI – about half the people there got it right.

He went on to give fascinating insights into the history of artificial intelligence and music, revealing that the first reference to it was in 1843!

Ed Newton-Rex keynote speaker

Having graduated from Cambridge University with a Double-Starred First in Music, Ed then made his name as the founder and CEO of Jukedeck – a company specialising in the composition of music using AI. Jukedeck developed patented software that autonomously composed original music on demand, allowing non-musicians to easily create rights-cleared music in seconds. Early on he knew how to market the company. Using his skills as a Keynote, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, he appeared at Disrupt London and performed this amazing Rap Presentation, which delighted the audience.

Jukedeck was so successful that ByteDance, the owners of TikTok, came calling. They bought the company and put Ed in charge of their AI lab in London. He’s since been promoted to become TikTok’s Product Director in Europe and his profile is rising rapidly. Ed has been named one of Business Insider’s 30 most creative people in UK tech and is one of 20:40’s Leaders of the Future. Reinforcing his musical versatility, he was also on the judging panel for the International AI Song Contest and is very much in demand as a Keynote Speaker for his insights into artificial intelligence and creativity, AI music, digital marketing, digital disruption, social media and entrepreneurship.

If you want to find out more, just go to https://www.rivamedia.co.uk/talent/ed-newton-rex/