The Top 10 Best Conference Moderators

All the best events have a natural flow. They increase and decrease in intensity, driving the interest of the audience and keeping even the most technical subjects enthralling. Finance, sustainability, tech, business, gaming and media – hundreds of conferences focus on these subjects each year. And the best ones have an expert conference moderator at the helm.

What is a conference moderator?

An event moderator helps keep the programme on track. They’re experts in coaching intriguing responses out of panel members and maintain a natural enthusiasm that draws your audience in. They can handle awkward questions with smooth professionalism and even have a range of intriguing anecdotes of their own to offer.

Why are these conference moderators the best?

Most of the Riva Media event moderators have a background in TV or presenting, so they’re comfortable in front of crowds and cameras. Many have already hosted large, global events and are considered a desirable talent resource in their own right for key subjects like tech, finance, business, gaming, sustainability, diversity and more.

Reasons to book an event moderator

Expert panel moderators can really help with:

  • Flow – keeping the event running smoothly, accounting for lulls
  • Timing – maintaining your event schedule accurately
  • Engagement – gaining audience participation and interaction
  • Entertainment – adding own-value stories and opinions
  • Tone – displaying and encouraging the desired event personality

Our 10 best moderators

Susannah Streeter, TV presenter, keynote speaker, event moderator, event host and MC
  1. Susannah Streeter – Pick Susannah if you’re hosting an event within the corporate sector. Her familiarity with the business, financial and technology sectors is highly desirable. And she is a familiar face within the UK. Susannah worked as a BBC Presenter for many years and hosted at the World Green Economy Summit and Ocean Conference.Focus topics: Business, tech, finance, sustainability, environment, climate change

2. Zoe Kleinman – As a BBC Technology Editor, Zoe enjoys moderating events that cover tech topics and innovation. Zoe is comfortable with novice and expert audiences alike and can provide a range of experiential anecdotes.

Focus topics: AI and machine learning, digital change, online security, privacy and data protection

Zoe Kleinman presenter and event host
Phil Gayle voice over artist

3. Phil Gayle – Phil has a storied media career that spans over 30 years and includes Channel 4, BBC and ITV across radio and television. So, Phil is an ideal option for both visual and audio-only event hosting.

Focus topics: Media, diversity, current affairs, digital disruption

4. Julie MacDonald – Charismatic documentary presenter for the Emmy award-winning; Al Jazeera news channel, Julie is a desirable moderator for conferences with both European and Middle Eastern topical foci.

Focus topics: Business, global perspectives, neurodiversity

Julie MacDonald event host and MC
Juliette Foster, TV presenter, event host and MC

5. Juliette Foster – A great choice for businesses due to her experience as an award-winning international Business and Financial News Presenter. Background includes work with Bloomberg and the BBC.

Focus topics: Entrepreneurship, diversity, women in business, BAME business ownership

6. Joe Tidy – Joe is perfect for event moderating on topics related to technology since he’s the BBC’s first Cyber Security Correspondent. And he also presents on BBC Radio.

Focus topics: Cyber security, data privacy, social media, gaming, digital transformation


Joe Tidy presenter and reporter

7. Afua Adom – Afua is a strong voice for diversity in Britain and an experienced panel discussion moderator and facilitator. She’s regularly featured on ITV, BBC and TalkRadio for her provocative perspectives.

Focus topics: BAME culture, diversity, sustainability


afua Adom, keynote speaker
Christian Fraser Presenter BBC Beyond 100 Days event host and MC

8. Christian Fraser – This leading BBC international anchor brings enormous credibility to any event he moderates. He co-anchors on the BBC News Channel, BBC World News, BBC Four and PBS for the programme “Beyond 100 Days.”

Focus topics: Public affairs, civil issues, military conflict, US politics, Brexit, security issues


9. Sasha Qadri – Sky News, Reuters and Bloomberg presenter, Sasha is ideal for panels and roundtable discussions at business-focused events with tech or digital subject matter.

Focus topics: Finance, technology, digital disruption, sustainability


Sasha Qadri presenter
Alysia Judge presenter, keynote speaker gaming expert, event host and MC

10. Alysia Judge – If you need a gaming event moderator, Alysia has lots of event experience as the regular host of BAFTA’s Game Awards. And she regularly appears as a gaming expert on Channel 4 News, the BBC, and Al Jazeera.

Focus topics: Video games, technology, women in tech, social media

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