Star speakers for events

Star speakers can elevate and enlighten your event, whether it’s virtual or online.

Here are four of our star performers – some familiar names and and some rising stars.

Lenny Henry, MC, virtual event host

Sir Lenny Henry

Sir Lenny Henry has been one of the most enduring, popular performers on British television for decades. His popularity can be seen first hand when Lenny is working with a live audience in person or virtually.

As a keynote speaker or event host, he has a unique talent for building a rapport and the range of his talents – comedian, impressionist, presenter and actor – are a huge asset for any event, including awards and after dinner performances.

Lenny is also an eloquent and engaging speaker on diversity and inclusion, drawing on his own experiences and background.

Kathryn Parsons

A major financial client was recently blown away by the power, passion and expertise brought by Kathryn Parsons as a keynote speaker at their event covering Digital Transformation. As Co-CEO of the global company Decoded, Kathryn has worked with the likes of Unilever, Nike and HSBC, sharing her experience of how companies can transform the digital capability and culture of their businesses. Kathryn is also a Motivational Speaker. Fuelled by her passion for education and technology, she teaches how to embrace lifelong learning, by giving ourselves permission to learn and grow.

Kathryn Parsons Keynote Speaker and technology speaker
Timothy Armoo influencer and keynote speaker

Timothy Armoo

Known as “The leader of the new school of advertising”, Timothy Armoo was recently listed in the Forbes 30 Under 30, following the phenomenal rise of his company FanBytes.

It helps major companies like Deliveroo, McDonalds and Nike to reach Gen Z consumers, using platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat.

In an age when the younger industry leaders often know more than their older counterparts about social media marketing, Timo has been a popular keynote speaker and panellist for those wanting to thrive at the cutting edge of digital marketing.

He’s also developed a FanBytes fund to support black-owned business is well placed to as a speaker on diversity and inclusion.

Ayo Sokale

Ayo Sokale has been a high impact new signing. Ayo’s day job is as an Engineer for the Environment Agency, but she’s also a BBC Presenter and a powerful Keynote Speaker. For clients looking to encourage more young women to take up STEM subjects, Ayo is an inspirational role model.

Her expertise covers the environment, climate change and sustainability. With Black History Month coming up in October, Ayo will also be in high demand for events covering diversity and inclusion.

Ayo Sokale, keynote speaker, civil engineer

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