Tim Sweeney, GDCA 2017 (portrait crop)

Tim Sweeney

Keynote Speaker, Tech Speaker, Gaming Speaker, Entrepreneur, Programmer

Best known as the creator of the Unreal Engine – the driving force behind most modern games – Tim Sweeney is the billionaire CEO of Epic Games. Tim has been innovating in the games space for over 20 years, garnering a number of awards, with a 2012 induction into the AIAS Hall of Fame, 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award at GDCA and Person of the Year by both MCV and Forbes.

Steering the ship of the company behind one of the world’s biggest games, Fortnite and one of the world’s largest online game stores, Epic Games Store; Tim is passionate about innovation in tech and success in business. As a keynote speaker, he’s relatable and calming with expertise across a range of STEM disciplines. An outspoken champion for online engagement, Tim regularly makes media appearances to explain how concerts and movie crossovers are just the beginning of real-time user experiences online. Tim is also a pioneer for more open-platform development in Epic’s ongoing battle with Apple.

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