Simon sinek

Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek has a powerful backstory. Born in Wimbledon, raised in London, Hong Kong, Johannesburg and finally the USA; Simon studied cultural anthropology, law and advertising. This global perspective and multi-disciplinary focus make him a sought-after speaker for everyone from ICE to Microsoft.

He’s authored 5 books on the topics of leadership, inspiration and purpose. His title, Leaders Eat Last, was a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller. He urges leaders to think differently and shift their mindset from a finite to an infinite focus. And he runs live online courses, speaks across the globe and offers commentary worldwide with the hope that everyone will find fulfilling and inspiring work.

As a frequent TEDx speaker, Simon is in high demand for his leadership-focused content which challenges the status-quo and is uplifting to consume. His viral video – “Millennials in the workplace” – has been viewed 150+ million times and is referenced in hundreds of publications for its compelling reframing of Millennial entitlement.

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