Naomi Klein at Berkeley, California, in 2014 (cropped)

Naomi Klein

Environmentalist, Sustainability Influencer, Climate Change Speaker, Author, Activist

Climate change author Naomi Klein is a Canadian activist and environmentalist, well-known through a number of popular books and film features. She ranks highly in the top 100 global intellectuals list by Prospect magazine and regularly joins protests like the Occupy movement.

Often in demand as a climate change speaker, Naomi has been awarded 2 honorary doctorates, several author’s awards including a notation on Time magazine’s list of Top 100 Non-Fiction books published since 1923 for ‘No Logo’ and the Sydney Peace Prize in 2016. She’s lectured at the London School of Economics on anti-globalisation and is currently a Gloria Steinem Endowed Chair at Rutgers for Media, Culture and Feminist Studies.

Naomi regularly contributes to publications like In These Times, The Globe and Mail, Harpers, The Guardian and The Nation. And she regularly gets involved in global politics, supporting Jeremy Corbyn in the 2019 general election and called for sanctions against Donald Trump’s administration if the Paris Agreement wasn’t upheld.

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