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Mike Bates leadership and motivational speaker
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Mike Bates

Human intelligence specialist, covert counter-terrorism operations leader, entrepreneur and adventurer.
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Mike Bates is a former counter-terrorism covert operations leader and human intelligence specialist turned entrepreneur and adventurer.

He served a combined total of 20 years with the Royal Marines and the Intelligence and Security fields of the Ministry of Defence.

Following his departure from the MOD in 2020, Mike turned his hand to charity work, and has become the fastest solo British person to complete the ‘The World’s Toughest Row’ across the Atlantic.

He is now focussed on helping others with the lessons he learned fighting terrorism and mother nature at her most ferocious and use his unique stories and principle-based approach to do so.

Mike helps others achieve fulfilment through inspiring talks and workshops.

His unique experiences lend themselves excellently to talks on resilience, leadership, motivation and more, never failing to captivate any audience.

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