Michio Kaku at Miami University in 2020 (cropped)
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Michio Kaku

Futurologist, physicist, TV and Radio commentator, best-selling author.
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Inspired by Einstein, physicist Michio Kaku sets his sights firmly on the future predicting scientific trends that affect all our lives and even determine shifts in world politics.

A regular expert on big TV shows such as Larry King Live, 60 Minutes and BBC Television’s Time series, Michio deconstructs complex scientific theories and explains why they matter to all human life.

He believes the digital age is already coming to an end as we reach a new quantum era that will bring enormous scientific and societal change.

It means tasks that currently take years to perform on a computer could instead only take seconds as transistors are replaced with subatomic particles.

The transition means huge advances in chemistry, biology and physics.

Michio predicts carbon dioxide will be removed from the air and turned into fuel and a new green revolution could begin as nitrogen is extracted from the air to make low energy fertiliser.

Super-efficient batteries could also be made and quantum computing would lead to much more effective treatments for cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Michio warned how Silicon Valley could become a ‘Rust Belt’ if it failed to keep up with the quantum revolution – ‘the Gold Rush is on’ he said.

Google, IBM, Microsoft and Intel are already investing heavily in quantum tech along with the Chinese government.

As well as being a guest on a string of high profile TV programmes Michio Kaku also reaches millions more people on radio on more than 100 stations.

He also received prestigious recognition of being a bestseller for his book Hyperspace which was voted one of the best science books of the year by The New York Times.

Michio Kaku is a sought after TV and radio expert and a true futurologist.

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