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Michael Phelps Rio Olympics 2016

Michael Phelps

It’s difficult to think of how you can do better for a keynote speaker from a sporting background than “the most successful and most decorated Olympian of all time”. That simple sentence sums up the stature of the American swimmer Michael Phelps. He holds a total of 28 medals, and the all-time records for: the number of Olympic golds (23), of Olympic golds in individual events (13) and of medals in individual events (16). He won eight gold medals just at the Beijing Games of 2008 – another record.  The Phelps success story stretches from the Athens Games in 2004 to the Games in Rio of 2016. For four Olympics in a row he was the most successful athlete. No one has ever matched that roster of Olympic achievement and no one is ever likely to. 

What is the unique story of this Baltimore-born athlete of English, German, Irish, Scottish and Welsh descent? He began swimming at the age of seven, and after finding it the best outlet for his unquenchable energies, he fell in love with it as a sport. By the age of 10 he already held a national record for his age group: the first of many records to fall to this phenomenon of the pool who in his career set a total of 39 world best times – 29 individual, and ten relay records.

Much is explained by his unique physiognomy: his huge “wingspan” (fingertip to fingertip) of 201cm is almost eight centimetres MORE than his height, perfect for his favoured swimming stroke, the butterfly. But the Michael Phelps story is about much more than physical attributes and record books. To understand this you only have to look to his philanthropic commitments, with the Michael Phelps Foundation working for the health and wellbeing of young people.

To find out what makes this amazing person tick, you need to recruit Michael Phelps as a keynote and motivational speaker for your event. It promises to be a rewarding occasion.

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