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Matthew Drinkwater - fashion keynote speaker
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Matthew Drinkwater

Globally recognised expert in emerging technologies, specializing in immersive experiences, and advising governments and industry leaders on their integration into creative industries.
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Matthew is a world-renowned expert in emerging technologies and their application to the creative industries.  A specialist in immersive technologies (XR/MR/AR/VR), he and his team are building pathways for a truly digitized world.

Named as a ‘fashion-tech trailblazer’ by Draper’s and a ‘pioneer and a visionary’ by Wired, Matthew has delivered ground-breaking experiences and a stunning range of projects that have captured the imagination of both the fashion and technology industries.

Matthew is an advisor to Government on immersive technologies having presented at the Prime Minister’s prestigious Global Investment Summit and also sits on the advisory board of Bridge AI, the UK’s Research and Innovation £100m programme for Artificial Intelligence.

“Matthew is living five years ahead of us. Without a doubt he is my go-to crystal ball.”

Maghan McDowell, Senior Innovation Editor, Vogue Business

“He truly amazed and inspired our team”

Burston Cohn and Wolfe

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