Marc Randolph by Gage Skidmore

Marc Randolph

If one word has revolutionised the way we watch TV it’s Netflix, co-founded by visionary serial entrepreneur Marc Randolph.

What began as a brilliant idea in April 1998 developed into an international streaming giant thanks to early creative concepts developed by Marc – first by mailing out DVDs and then of course the must-have app. Fast forward to today and around 250 million subscribers are glued to the huge catalogue of programmes served up on demand.

There are few tech disruptors better placed to speak on leadership, the media and entrepreneurship than Marc Randolph.

He relishes the challenge of a start up business and proving his doubters wrong, as detailed in his inspirational book ‘That Will Never Work: The Birth of Netflix and the Amazing Life of an Idea.

A brilliant keynote and motivational speaker, Marc is perfectly placed to advise any business on best practice to turn ideas into reality and overcome any challenges on the way.

He travels the world inspiring tech entrepreneurs with his Netflix story and the lessons learned from other startups.

His lifelong love of all things tech saw Marc help set up the US edition of MacWorld magazine and the Ordinal computer mail-order businesses MacWarehouse and MicroWareHouse.

He also serves on the boards of a number of tech organisations helping guide future thought and innovation.

Without Marc, there simply wouldn’t be a Netflix.

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