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Louise Laing entrepreneur and keynote speaker
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Louise Laing

Visionary founder of PhygitalTwin, leads with innovative AI-driven solutions, reshaping industries and championing sustainability in fashion.
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Louise Laing, a serial entrepreneur and the visionary founder behind PhygitalTwin, stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of technology and business. With a focus on leveraging emerging technologies, particularly AI, she has embarked on a mission to redefine industries and drive sustainable change.

Since founding PhygitalTwin in May 2022, Louise has been instrumental in reshaping the fashion industry, utilizing technology to reduce waste and enhance efficiency while championing sustainability and market responsiveness.

With over 25 years of experience in the fashion industry, Louise has emerged as a trailblazer in digital innovation. From optimising supply chains for renowned brands like Burberry, Reiss, and Kilgour to guiding over 20 start-ups and SMEs towards success through her consultancy, Louise’s expertise in scaling businesses is unparalleled. As the former CEO of Shrimps, a London Fashion Brand, she orchestrated remarkable growth, expanding revenue by 240% and achieving positive EBITDA within three years.

Beyond her accomplishments, Louise is a sought-after speaker, writer and thought leader on innovative tech for businesses of all sizes, with a specialized focus on AI. Her insights resonate globally, inspiring audiences at renowned forums and events, where she shares her vision for the future of technology-driven business models. With her unwavering commitment to driving change and her profound understanding of AI’s transformative potential, Louise continues to lead PhygitalTwin in seamlessly integrating digital and physical worlds, shaping the future of industries worldwide.

It was a pleasure to host  Louise Laing  at  Arts University Bournemouth  this week to talk all things Digital Fashion, Gen Alpha, Gaming, Consumer driven on demand trend, 3D, AI design and to share her journey so far as CEO and founder of  PhygitalTwin . It is always affirming to spend time with like minded colleagues who are challenging the industry standards and expectations with innovation and solutions to long standing issues around efficiencies, dead-stock and over sampling. It was inspiring for students to learn about how Louise and  PhygitalTwin  are addressing the gap between Digital Only Product and Apparel production and manufacture

Penelope Norman, Arts University, Bournemouth

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