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Kevin McCloud

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Best known for presenting the popular Channel 4 property series Grand Designs, Kevin McCloud is a hugely influential figure in the global drive towards sustainability, not just from being an in demand keynote speaker but also through his programme The Great Climate Fight.

The Channel 4 show looks at how climate change can be stopped and how the solutions can benefit us all. In a compelling narrative Kevin asks: “What if I told you that solving the climate crisis is possible. The problem is our politicians.”

A true expert in his field, Kevin never shies away from finding out why Britain has some of the worst insulated homes in Europe, meets builders who are constructing greener homes, delves into the benefits of heat pumps and goes to Sweden to find out how a town is on course to reach net zero in six years. And after presenting no fewer than 22 series of Grand Designs there are few people better placed to speak about how we achieve a sustainable world by rethinking the way we build.

As an accomplished live performer Kevin brings great credibility as a keynote speaker on conservation, restoration and the circular economy. His love of the environment has been ever-present in a long career stretching back decades and demonstrated in shows such as Grand Designs Live where he showcased environmentally-sensitive construction methods. In his series titled Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home on Channel 4 he made a cabin in the woods, with an emphasis on sustainable, locally sourced and environmentally responsible materials and techniques.

And in his series Rough Guide to the Future, Kevin looked at some of the world’s biggest environmental challenges and the technology that could offer solutions. There are few keynote speakers better placed than Kevin McCloud to speak in depth – with first hand experience – of the issues facing the environment and offer achievable solutions.

He was awarded an MBE for his services to architecture and is an Honorary Fellow of RIBA and the Society of Light and Lighting and a fellow of WWF.


Further to the resounding successes of the event, and on behalf of the team, I would like to express our thanks for your own kind contribution on the day. We have been delighted with the achievements across the show, and in particular with the part your conference played in ensuring a lively, interactive, thought-provoking and informative experience.


The event was a complete success; nothing but fantastic and positive feedback. Having Kevin there, presenting his expertly well constructed view of Rome in architecture and how it has influenced other buildings worldwide, was a highlight for many. It was a great way to kick off this event. Not only that but Alex and he hit it off which made it easy to create the final presentation piece. Again, many thanks


Kevin was brilliant, absolutely charming to everyone he met and his speech was just right, amusing but also plenty of serious content, discursive but never off point and generally highly entertaining

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