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Jordan Belfort

Who better to speak on ethical business practice than someone who has truly lived life to the full – on both sides of the legal tracks?  

Jordan Belfort is one of the world’s leading business and motivational speakers but he’s probably best known  in his celluloid persona as the legendarily unscrupulous stock market trader – the “Wolf of Wall Street.” 

Jordan Belfort was the young upstart who cocked a snook at the world’s most exclusive financial establishment, New York’s iconic stocks and shares trading quarter; made millions with his crafty chicanery, sharp practices and dodgy dealings; and had every luxury and indulgence imaginable at his beck and call – only to get found out and end up broke and disgraced, in jail. 

Now, as a coach, motivational and keynote speaker he helps companies around the globe to achieve incredible results – without resorting to breaking the rules. 

It’s been quite a journey. Leonardo DiCaprio won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Jordan Belfort in Scorsese’s searing 2013 movie, The Wolf of Wall Street,  based on the memoir Belfort wrote about those heady “anything goes” days in the early to mid 1990s. As a keynote speaker, the real story that Jordan Belfort can tell your audience of his rise, fall and redemption is if anything even more dramatic. 

He made his fortune manipulating the stock market by operating what’s known as a boiler-room scam selling penny shares – essentially, setting up a call centre using high pressure and often unscrupulous sales tactics to sell low-price shares at high volume and a high percentage profit. The name of the game was speed: everything had to happen at a dizzying pace so the buyer on the other end of the phone had little or no time to stop and think.

He seemed untouchable until finally the law caught up with him in 1999 and his life in the fast lane suddenly smashed into the crash barriers. Belfort spent 22 months in jail after pleading guilty to fraud, in a deal to supply information to the authorities. 

It was speaking to a cellmate that inspired Jordan Belfort to set out on the path to redemption, and turn his undoubted talents towards helping businesses get the best both for themselves and for their clients. As a motivational or business speaker, few can match what he has to offer your audience.

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