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Jason Bradbury AI Speaker
Jason Bradbury AI Speaker
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Jason Bradbury

Channel 5 Presenter, Keynote Speaker, AI Speaker, Tech Speaker
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Jason Bradbury AI Speaker

New for 2024 Jason Bradbury, one of the UK’s most recognisable tech speakers, updates his hugely successful ‘Thousand Year Decade’ speech with a keen focus on AI and emergent technologies. Jason’s new speech offers insightful perspectives on the future of technology, its implications for leadership and business strategy along with the technical, ethical and philosophical implications of the new age of AI.

Jason has been a student of AI for the last fifteen years, tracking its advances across a range of sectors and most recently completing MIT’s Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy course. He’s written three teen fiction books about an AI Robot Engineer (Dot Robot – published by Puffin), he’s interviewed AI researchers in Japan and Silicon Valley and at IBM’s New England campus and has a particular interest in the use of machine learning and robotics – he’s even created and trained a robot to perform live stand-up comedy!

While grounded in a rigorous intellectual framework, Jason’s new speech aims to uplift and inspire his audiences and take some of the understandable fear out of the AI question. With his own blend of unquenchable enthusiasm and wit, The AI Decade maps AI’s historical context as well as outfitting audiences with the analytical tools required to predict the course of Artificial Intelligence over the next ten years and beyond.

As a prominent tech specialist in the UK, Jason Bradbury is a familiar face to many. He is known as a charismatic and inventive technology expert, former host of The Gadget Show and renowned public speaker. For over two decades, Jason has been sharing his technological expertise with diverse audiences as a speaker, entrepreneur, and media personality. With a flair for engaging and entertaining content – he has been known to enter the room on a hoverboard and has even arrived in his Back to the Future DeLorean – Jason’s talent in the technology field is highly regarded, making him an exceptional presenter for a wide range of audiences.

Jason delivers custom-tailored and highly engaging talks for event audiences large and intimate and for hundreds of brands that have included Porsche, Vodafone, and BP, demonstrating his broad appeal across various industries. As a thought leader in his field, Jason’s speaking topics cover AI, Blockchain, the Future of Work, Energy, Health Tech, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Scientific Discoveries, and more.

Jason has filmed all over the world and his success on networks including Channel 4, ITV, BBC 1, Discovery and Channel 5, and social media platforms, has allowed him to diversify his career. He is the successful author of the Dot Robot techno thriller book series for young readers published by Penguin Random House. As an entrepreneur, he founded a technology product consultancy with a focus on content ideation and creation, collaborating with an impressive roster of clients such as Maplin, Disney and Intel. During the 2020 pandemic Jason authored and directed the online video course ‘Talk’, which now includes in-person workshops, aimed at honing public speaking proficiency, enhancing personal confidence, and refining business communication skills for company leaders and professionals.

Jason’s commitment to making technology accessible and exciting has led him to speak at numerous conferences, collaborate with prestigious educational organizations, and inspire countless individuals to explore the world of technology.

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