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Herman Van Rompuy

Former President of the European Council and Prime Minister of Belgium, is a renowned consensus-builder and economist, honored with the Charlemagne award for his contributions to European unity
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Herman Van Rompuy has spent much of his life at the forefront of European politics most notably as the first president of the European Council integrating and aligning EU Heads of State.

He served as the 49th prime minister of Belgium and was praised by former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown as a consensus-builder who brought stability to his country.

As President of the European Council Van Rompuy masterminded the response to the eurozone crisis, one of the most challenging moments since the EU was created.

The Belgium politician has addressed audiences across the world who’ve shared his deep political insights and learned from his extensive knowledge of economics.

Van Rompuy began his career as an economist at the National Bank of Belgium, skills which were later tested in his role as Belgium’s Budget Minister where he significantly cut the country’s public debt.

He has also taught extensively at universities including Sciences Po in Paris and the College of Europe in Bruges.

He also has a string of awards and prizes to his names, including the highly prestigious Charlemagne award for work towards European unity.

Previous winners include former US president Bill Clinton, Pope John Paul II and Winston Churchill.

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