Guy Verhofstadt June 2021 (cropped)

Guy Verhofstadt

Keynote Speaker, Former Prime Minister, EU Parliamentarian, Author

Guy Verhofstadt is a former Belgian Prime Minister and EU Brexit Coordinator, who rose to prominence as a party president at just 29 years old. Guy served as PM of Belgium from 1999 to 2008 and enacted a range of liberal policies including the ‘Silver Fund’ to protect pensions until 2030, legalising gay marriage, reducing taxes and ushering in strong economic growth. Following his service as PM, Guy remained a sitting Senator. As a member of the EU Parliament since 2009, he served as Brexit Coordinator until 2020 and led the ALDE until 2019.

From this wide-ranging perspective, Guy has authored several books about the coordination and combined strength of Europe as a coalition. Some of these titles include The United States of Europe, For Europe and Europe’s Last Chance. As a keynote speaker, Guy is a strong and impassioned voice for a stronger Europe. He has presided over some of the strongest reductions in public debt during his service to the Belgian people and is hailed as a progressive voice on European collaboration with a proven track record to support his views.

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