Dex Hunter-Torricke, keynote speaker, motivational speaker

Dex Hunter-Torricke

Head of Communications, Oversight Board for Meta, Former Head of Communications at SpaceX, Executive Communications Manager at Facebook and Executive at Google

On stage, Dex expertly combines his experience working for some of the world’s most-innovative and technology-driven brands with his passion for social innovation to help companies shift towards a 21st century business methodology. Dex takes audiences into Facebook’s boardroom, Musk’s open-concept cubicle, the famed Googleplex, and finally to the UN itself to share lessons on what it takes in today’s environment to build highly-effective internal teams, how to use storytelling in modern communications, and what to make of the steady transition from local to global that’s unfolded over the past decade. It’s truly fascinating to hear him talk about lessons learned from playing chess with Mark Zuckerberg in the middle of the night, or the intimidating, singular question asked by Elon Musk in a job interview. With prized insight on framing local problems globally, Dex encourages CEOs and entry-level employees alike to move to the center of disruption in order to innovate and offers practical advice for finding success in a constantly changing world.

In addition to working with Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, Dex formerly served as Google’s first executive speechwriter, supporting CEO Larry Page and Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, and is a New York Times bestselling ghostwriter. He began his career at the United Nations in 2008 as a speechwriter and spokesperson for the office of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and holds a bachelors degree in politics from University College London and a master’s degree in Russian and East European Studies from the University of Oxford.

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