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David Baddiel

Keynote Speaker, Events Host, Presenter, Comedian, Author

David Baddiel is a British stand-up comedian, screenwriter, author and presenter and has published several popular children’s books & novels. He’s been involved with notable projects including The Mary Whitehouse Experience, A Stab in the Dark, Pieces, Fantasy Football League and the chart-topping football anthem “Three Lions”.

In 2001, he appeared with his friend and former flatmate Frank Skinner on the celeb version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, bagging £250k for charity. And then made a solo debut at Taskmaster in 2019 where he finished 5th overall. David is a prominent campaigner against anti-Semitism and his 2021 book “Jews Don’t Count” was critically well-received. When presenting, speaking or doing standup, he’s comfortable shining a light on society as a whole. He completed a 2021 UK tour titled “Trolls: Not the Dolls” which was lauded with 5-star reviews by The Times, The Guardian, Evening Standard and other media outlets.

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