Christian Howes Digital Speaker, Keynote Speaker

Christian Howes

Digital Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Tech Speaker

Christian Howes believes we are cyborgs. Christian knows that we’re lazy and so we’ll always take technology and adapt it to make our lives easier. That progressive stance is how he engages audiences at vast keynote events like Webtrends Engage and more. His role at Webtrends is to sell software and tell the story of our modern world to some of the largest global brands & policymakers.

Christian believes data informs our world and is a safe predictor of trends. He proved this in 2009 when his social media trending model predicted each weekly eviction on Big Brother. It was so successful, that it led to his repeat attendance on Big Brother’s Bit on the Side. As a speaker, Christian is provocative and easy-going with a natural ease that puts all audiences firmly in his corner. Given his wide-reaching tech exposure, he’s a valuable asset to tap for perspectives on digital transformation, data, the future of tech and consumer trends.

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