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Chris Packham

Naturalist, Conservationist, TV Presenter, Sustainability Speaker, Environment Speaker

Chris Packham is one of the best known and best loved naturalists and conservationists working in Britain today, renowned as a television presenter, author and campaigner. He’s also an authoritative and an entertaining keynote speaker or guest speaker on the environment, climate change, conservation, the circular economy and sustainability.

Born in Southampton in 1961, Chris Packham is instantly recognisable to millions as the presenter of the hugely popular BBC programme Springwatch. He joined the programme in 2009 and has been with it ever since, as well as its sister programmes Autumnwatch and Winterwatch. 

The programme aims to chart the fortunes of British wildlife at the changing of the seasons and is one of the BBC’s largest and most complex outside broadcasting events. Transmitting live from locations around the UK, including remotely operated equipment deep in the countryside, the programme dominates four nights of television output per week for three weeks. The “Watches”,  require a crew of 100 people and over 50 cameras and are always at the mercy of Nature’s unpredictability, but Chris’s easygoing presentation style never wavers and is fortified by the detailed preparation and knowledge which he brings to every project.

Chris gave up a PhD in Zoology to train as a wildlife cameraman and has devoted his life to conservation, through his work on countless TV and radio programmes about the natural world. This has included exploring the ecosystem of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and investigating the catastrophic impact of palm oil consumption on the Sumatran rain forests. He also brought his deep understanding of nature and animals to a TV special shedding new light on the fearsome dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex. 

Chris is associated with numerous conservation bodies and charities, including the RSPB, the Wildlife Trusts, Butterfly Conservation and the Bat Conservation Trust. He also campaigns on population as patron of Population Matters.

At the age of 44 Chris was diagnosed with high-functioning Asperger’s Syndrome, but that has never stood  in his way and he continues to make a major contribution to conservation and cultural life in the UK. As a keynote speaker on the environment, climate change, sustainability and the circular economy, Chris brings profile, authority and huge credibility.

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