Charlene Gisele High Performance Coach, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker
Charlene Gisele - High Performance Coach, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker
Charlene Gisele - High Performance Coach, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker
Charlene Gisele - High Performance Coach, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker
Charlene Gisele - High Performance Coach, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker

Charlene Gisele

High Performance Coach, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, former Big Law Litigator and Legal Tech Manager

Charlène Gisèle is a former Big Law litigator and legal tech manager, who transformed her career to become a High Performance Coach.

As a prior London Litigator, Charlène understands the pain points and stressors successful executives and lawyers can face.

Charlène now works with industry-leading businesses and professionals with the mission to maximise their performance sustainably. Her clients include CEOs, senior partners, financiers as well as top law firms, FinTech, PE funds and banks.

Charlène is also an Award winning Keynote speaker and thought leader on the subject of Burnout Prevention and Sustainable Success.

Charlène’s Sustainable High Performance Coaching method has been featured in The Financial Times, Lawyer Monthly, The Times, The Guardian and on BBC Radio.

The key to long-term Burnout Prevention is to adopt a mindset and optimised habits for ‘Sustainable Success’. Sustainability has become a topic for leading corporations in the age of ESG.

Charlene’s proposition is that Burnout can effectively be prevented if high performing executives start to treat themselves like professional athletes.

Having professionally coached some of the most high-profile executives in the City of London and Wall Street and Professional Athletes, Charlene has developed a unique Burnout Prevention Blueprint based on Sport Science and Professional Athletes’ mindset and habit optimisation.


The women in Law society at the University of Sussex , has had the pleasure of working with Charlene last academic year as our sustainable performance coach. Charlene’s Workshops were a member’s favourite event with Charlene’s easy to understand and implement sustainable practices to prevent academic burnout. These workshops were also recognised as one of the best events by the University’s student union and Charlene was awarded Guest speaker of the year ‘22

Charlene’s passion for the wellbeing of Students creates the most beneficial , supportive space for young students and professionals to learn how to optimally balance work and LIfe.

Working with Charlene on Sustainable performance workshops have helped our members improve their grades as well as their quality of life.

We look forward to welcoming Charlene back this year.

Kaileigh Pillay, President of the Women in Law Society at the University of Sussex

Charlène was an absolute dream to have at CarFest and we are so grateful that she attended. The audience loved her and she gave such an impactful talk on mindset and anxiety.

Can’t wait for her to join us at CarFest South!

Alice Collins, Co-Founder of Firefly Events, Content and Event production at Brand Events

Charlène is a super advocate for better mental health and I was delighted when she agreed to speak at Travelers’ “On Risk” Conference 2022 on “Sustainable performance in law”.
She gave an excellent presentation on the mental health challenges for lawyers and set out practical steps they can take to meet those challenges and thrive professionally and personally. It was an inspiring call to action and the talk was extremely well-received.
If you want to address these issues, I highly recommend Charlène to help you do so in an informed and engaging way.

Paul Smith CIRM, Senior Risk Management Consultant at Travelers

Charlene is an emotive and engaging keynote speaker. I attended a recent presentation she did for a group of solicitors on how they can best manage their health and improve their resilience thus maintaining optimum performance and avoiding burnout.
Charlene shared a number of useful and practical insights which people can easily adopt. She even did a short group coaching session which helped the audience to relax and increase their confidence.
I highly recommend Charlene as a keynote speaker for your next event.

Dr. Richard Fallon, MD and Marketing Consultant, Tedx Speaker

Charlene came to speak at our Advisory Distributors event on 23 June 2022. Leading up to the event, she was professional and a delight to work with. At the event, Charlene did not just come for the keynote speech and then leave, she joined us for the dinner the night before as well as all the roundtable discussions during the day. It really made such a difference and I feel that it gave the delegates a chance to get to know her more. The keynote was also interactive and we had the opportunity to try a coaching exercise and our delegates responded very positively to that. I would highly recommend Charlene to speak at any event about burnout prevention and performance.

Clare Frost, Conference Relationship Manager at Owen James

Charlène has a unique take on wellbeing and performance culture particularly in the legal sector. Her webinars are insightful and practical and are well received with our audiences. She is passionate and her sessions are a great addition to any holistic wellbeing and performance programme.

Kendall Turner, HR Business Partner and Wellbeing Leader at LexisNexis UK

Charlène is highly professional in designing and communicating suitable mental health services to individuals. Her coaching style is very calm and relaxing – and she’s able to understand your needs. Definitely recommend her if you need any mental health coaching in your organisation!

Lily Chao, Conference Content Development Executive at SOAS University of London


Specialist Topics

– Sustainable High Performance in the Corporate world

– The Burnout Prevention & Recovery Blueprint or Boost Performance & Beat Burnout

– Self-Care for Sutainable Leadership

– The 4 Rs of Resilience to Sustain High Performance or Boost Inner Confidence & Sustainable High Performance

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