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Carl Bildt under den politiska Almedalsveckan 2016
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Carl Bildt

Former Swedish Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, a charismatic speaker, influential co-chair of the European Council on Foreign Relations, and a mediator in global conflicts.
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As former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Sweden Carl Bildt is a highly sought after and charismatic speaker with sharp political observation and insight.

Carl is current co-chair of award-winning international think-tank the European Council on Foreign Relations and draws on his extensive political experience to help ensure the world gets the vaccines it needs, with a focus on Covid-19.

As Prime Minister, he negotiated Sweden’s accession to the European Union and his international roles have seen him work with the EU and UN as a mediator in the Balkans conflict.

Mr Bildt was co-chair of the Dayton peace talks on Bosnia and first High Representative in the country. He then became the Special Envoy of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to the region.

Carl has held a string of high profile senior political positions and been a highly influential figure on boards such as Friends of Europe, International Crisis Group, and the RAND Corporation.

He shares his knowledge and expertise of world affairs as columnist to Washington Post as well as columnist for Project Syndicate.

Carl was also an enthusiastic and early embracer of technology and in 1994 sent an email to US president Bill Clinton, the first public electronic message sent between two heads of government.

He also became a keen blogger starting his first back in 2005 and subsequent blogs went on to become the most read in Sweden.

Carl has extraordinary in-depth knowledge in international politics and diplomacy.

He has addressed audiences in each of the world’s continents with engaging commentary and insight on topics ranging from geopolitics to global business trends.

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