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Bob Geldof

Bob Geldof is one of the biggest box office draws as a keynote or celebrity speaker: but buckle up. As everyone knows, the language can be colourful, the viewpoint is often trenchant and he doesn’t shy away from controversy if he thinks the subject matter warrants it. However Bob always speaks intelligently and right from the heart, and there is no more humane campaigner on Planet Earth.

His record speaks for itself: the rock star who was so moved and appalled by the images of famine in Ethiopia in 1984 that he decided to drop everything and do something about it. Few people have the courage to follow through on their pledges like he did. He teamed up with fellow rock star Midge Ure, to launch Band Aid and the single “Do They Know It’s Christmas”, eventually raising over £8 million.

Next summer came Live Aid, an even bigger event, with simultaneous live concerts at Wembley Stadium in London and the John F Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia, involving a galaxy of the biggest stars in popular music at the time. Live Aid raised over £150 million in famine relief and set the benchmark for the role showbusiness can play in helping urgent causes.

Bob’s restless energy meant he didn’t stop there. He’s been addressing the very survival of humanity and its place on the globe – issues that do not simply get solved and go away. He’s in it for the long haul, lobbying Prime Ministers and Presidents who are happy to pick up the phone when he calls. 

Africa has always been at the heart of Bob Geldof’s long and passionate life of campaigning but he has also turned his attention to causes like HIV/AIDs, population and water.

His honorary knighthood, granted by the Queen, is one of many honours bestowed on “Sir Bob” around the world. Having him as your keynote speaker, or your conservation, sustainability and circular economy speaker, guarantees prestige and profile for your event.

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