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Alex Panayotou keynote speaker at Edwards Lifesciences Jan 2023
Alexandra Panayotou Keynote Motivational Speaker
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Alexandra Panayotou

Known as "The Energy Lady," is a dynamic speaker and accomplished extreme runner who inspires CEOs and leaders worldwide to overcome challenges, achieve excellence, and cultivate enduring success through her motivational talks and coaching sessions
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Alexandra Panayotou who is colloquially referred to as “The Energy Lady” is a passionate and charismatic speaker whose mission is to inspire and enable CEOs and leadership teams to achieve triumph.

She imbues her life with vitality through the force of her thoughts and actions, which she enthusiastically shares with diverse audiences around the globe, encouraging them to surmount self-doubt and attain excellence in their personal and professional spheres. Alexandra placed second in the Barcelona Marathon, and then completed 13 solo extreme running challenges for charity, including a 400-kilometer non- stop solo run.

She is one of only a handful of people on the globe to have achieved such challenges. She has competed successfully in over 30 professional running events internationally, she has cultivated a life and business philosophy that has had a profound effect on entrepreneurs and influenced leaders internationally.

Drawing on her personal experiences as an extreme runner and cancer survivor, as well as her wealth of knowledge in leadership development, Alexandra delivers powerful messages that resonate with individuals at all stages of their journey. Demonstrating a profound understanding of the obstacles encountered by chief executive officers and other top professionals, her extensive global background empowers her to provide a practical strategy with an unwavering commitment to generating precise and concrete outcomes.

Alexandra’s extraordinary and rich life serves as an inspiration to executives and a beacon for those who wish to discover their full potential. “In my opinion, genuine leadership entails more than mere guidance; it involves cultivating leaders who possess the ability to overcome obstacles, motivate and enable others over the long-term.”

Her method has repeatedly been demonstrated to co-create a legacy of influential, empowered leaders who influence the future and stimulate transformational business growth. Whether you are an established enterprise aiming to achieve greater heights or a start-up navigating the challenges of a launch, Alexandra’s keynote motivational talks, sessions and coaching has the potential to grant you access to unparalleled success in your entrepreneurial endeavours.


“Attending one of Alex’s sessions should be made an obligation for any aspiring, developing or experienced leader.
The values, attitudes and behaviours that stand behind her pursuit of individual and team excellence are truly

Prof. Markus Maedler, IESE Business School, Barcelona, Spain

“It was truly great to have Alexandra as a speaker in Holmes Place Greece’s Live Well Conference 2015 this past September. She is an exceptional motivational speaker and through her accomplishments, a living, breathing source of inspiration. Her speech and personal story were especially moving and had great impact on our team, while her life choices are perfectly aligned with our company’s motto: Enjoy the journey!”

Ellie Flenga, CEO, Holmes Place Greece

“I have had the pleasure of meeting Alexandra Panayotou personally and attending several of her conferences. As a speaker she is a guarantee, she connects exceptionally well with the audience and perfectly transmits the message she wants to convey. She perfectly addresses complex topics such as attitude, motivation or achieving goals and overcoming obstacles. I without a doubt recommend Alexandra Panayotou to those organizations seeking to encourage their professional teams in search of excellence and achievement of objectives.”

Iñaki Ocaña, International Director ESADE Business School

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