The Lionesses – Voice of a Generation

We reflect on the enormous opportunities that lie ahead for England’s Lionesses in the field of public speaking as keynote speakers, motivational speakers and awards hosts.

UEFA Women's Euro 2022

Leah Williamson, Beth Mead, Alessia Russo, Chloe Kelly, Nikita Paris and many more. You know their names and recently celebrated their historic victory in the Women’s football Euros 2022 Final.

But how well do you know the women behind the trophy? With their humble, yet quiet confidence, the Lionesses represent the voice of a generation. And their message is getting louder.

We expect squad members to be headline keynote speakers, awards hosts, inspirational and motivational speakers in the coming months, ahead of important dates like International Women’s Day.

Fireside chats and Q&As are formats we would particularly recommend to event organisers.

Spotlight on inspiration

With their recent win drawing extensive media attention, it’s important to reflect on some of the motivational qualities this team has always been showcasing to the nation – perfect if you’re looking for a speaker on resilience.

“I just want to be at the best place possible to ensure that I really kick on in my career, that I constantly have challenges, because in football, you don’t have long. It’s easy to become complacent when game time comes so easily, and you’re doing so well.” – Nikita Paris

This simply-worded quote reminds us that it’s easy to get lazy when you’re at the top of your game, but we need to keep challenging ourselves if we want to reach great heights. In fact, Beth Mead – Nikita’s England squadmate shares a similar approach:

“You can’t have a bad day in training. You’ve got to be training really well and competition really works well for me, it makes me a better player, it makes me more motivated. Sometimes you don’t realise but you can become quite complacent. And right now, you can’t do that.” As sports speakers they well placed to offer insights and anecdotes about what it takes to find a way to win.

Powerful backstories

Sharing their stories is one of the great ways to inspire and motivate others. And the Lionesses do this as a matter of course. Take Beth Mead’s story of a country girl made good. Or Millie Bright’s story of overcoming childhood illness. Perhaps, Demi Stoke’s letter to her younger self about educating others in the face of racial abuse rings loud in your ears, especially if you’re looking for a speaker for Black History Month.

Or Rachel Daly’s grief at her father’s recent death before he would ever see her big win. The Lionesses are the stories of our generation. They’re diverse, they’re littered with achievements and they’re taking on a life of their own as the message is amplified across our digital world.

The voice of our generation is a roar.