The art of news making and news management

Joe Tidy, presenter, event moderator, keynote speaker Sir Craig Oliver discusses the art of news making and news management with Elite Business News.

These are turbulent times for the government and the journalists, charged with reporting on COVID, Brexit and a news agenda unparalleled in peacetime politics.

Sir Craig Oliver was David Cameron’s Director of Communications at No 10 for five years, which included the historic Brexit Referendum. He is intimately acquainted with the major players in the government and the challenges they face and whatever your politics, there’s no denying Oliver’s experience on both sides of the media – writing the news and managing the story. A task which, in either role, has accelerated exponentially from a 24-hour news cycle to continual updates throughout the day.

Print news may still make a big noise, but the real frontline is digital these days. That’s where messaging cuts through, that’s where you can reach who you want, when you want.

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