Lottie Hulme presenter and influencer

Lottie Hulme: The Work I Do

Working at OK! Magazine really immerses you in the world of celebrity, in the most wonderful way. During my time so far as a red carpet reporter I’ve become entranced by the buzz and excitement that comes with a premiere, or a launch event. Just having microphone in hand, cameras rolling and not knowing who the next familiar face will be to shake your hand and get chatting is truly butterfly-enhancing, as well as the glamour of it all. Of course, being a lifestyle reporter, too, I am always vying for a look at what everyone’s wearing, which hairstyle they’ve opted for and who’s done their glam, and celebrities, well, they very rarely disappoint.

My role at OK! Magazine does come with a whole host of excitement and glamour, but there are also the sides where you’re drinking cups of coffee like it’s going out of fashion and reeling off copy at record speeds in order to meet deadline. I enjoy this too, as there’s nothing quite like the thrill of releasing an article to the world and watching as the readership rises and rises as people click on to see what’s going on in the world of showbiz. While mainly focusing on lifestyle – all things, beauty, fashion, inside homes, relationship timelines etc – I’m a keen soap commentator, and I like to think Corrie, and the drama on the cobbles, is something I can write about with ease. With soaps, I cover the big three, EastEnders, Emmerdale and Coronation Street, from hide-behind-your-sofa blunders, to gripping storylines, plot twists and the soap star’s lives away from the rolling cameras.

The world of showbiz never sleeps, and, in fact, it’s best described as a small child who has found a packet of fizzy laces in the cupboard and has proceeded to eat the lot, resulting in an impending sugar high. It’s fast-paced, electric and no two days are the same, which means we have to produce a consistent amount of articles each day and keep abreast of the latest trends in order to appease our audience, who tend to be as hungry for the latest scoop as we reporters are.

Running alongside my commitments at OK! Magazine, I promote my work across social media – Instagram, Twitter, YouTube – as I feel, as a journalist, these platforms are incredibly valuable when it comes to building relationships and rapport with those in the same industry. As such, I work as a micro influencer on Instagram, and promote my work across my personal account, as well as companies close to my heart. I also run a food Instagram where I am consistent in posting about fine fare. This foodie idea was born after my first few years in journalist saw me working as a food reviewer and writer and developing a strong passion for oysters and Giles Coren’s wit.

If you can’t find me creating content for the ‘gram, or covering the latest in showbiz news, then you’ll likely find me recording the latest edition of my podcast #NoFilter, which is something I absolutely love to do. This podcast is the result of my passion for all things influencer and my close contact with them across all the work I do. The name of the podcast plays into the whole millennial trope of the words ‘no filter’ being a regular hashtag we use when we’ve not edited a photo for Instagram (a rarity). Secondly, there really isn’t a filter on the podcasts I produce. I coin them ‘candid chats in coffee shops’ and I often don’t overly-edit in a bid to give the podcast a rawness, as if you’re a fly on the wall, overhearing my chat with a friend. The influencers I interview often have big followings and I cover all areas, from music and design to motivational speakers and food bloggers.

Of course, my biggest passion lies with working as a presenter, be it on screen or radio and, naturally, I’ve built my confidence over the years because, well, you kinda have to! Being flung into a room with a celebrity you’ve always dreamt of chatting to was, initially, a bit of a fight or flight situation for me. However now I absolutely thrive having face-to-face chats with big names and treat it far more as a conversation with someone I know rather than focusing on the part where they’ve made millions as an incredibly successful recording artist, actor or sportsperson.

And with everything I do, I aim to bring a friendly persona, a bit of wit and glamour, and a  coffee, of course.