William Chase of Tyrrells

Founder of Tyrrells Crisps - Entrepreneur - Business Speaker, Sustainability Speaker

William Chase is most famously known as the founder of Tyrrells potato crisps, but William also created Chase Vodka, Williams Gin, Selladore En Provence and Willy’s Organic Probiotic Live Foods. As such, he’s well-positioned to talk about business issues from the framework of entrepreneurship and ownership. And his latest venture has William at the forefront of the popular live foods movement.

The vast majority of his innovation comes from putting the family farm to work. Tyrrells Court in Herefordshire produces the Lady Rosetta and Golden Wonder potatoes used in the gin and crisp products. And, in 2005, William acquired The Mother Farm with 200 acres of untouched old organic apple orchards. And it’s from this source that Willy’s Organic Probiotic Live Foods sprung. As a speaker, Willam is passionate about sustainable farming and organic products. His failures and successes in business provide a relatable and authentic story for any professional audience to latch on to with a deep-seated message of doing business ethically.

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